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If you are entirely uninterested in having the Best Cool Wallets, then perhaps you want something practical, like the Best Tactical Wallet. The Trayvax Axis, for example, makes a valiant effort. It aims to be tougher than nails, which you can see with its steel construction. But, also, valuable by holding up to 14 cards at once, plus money.

Why We Like It – Trayvax Axis

Only nylon and tumbled stainless steel could hold so many cards, and that’s exactly what the Trayvax Axis put together. And still has space to hold 8 bills in a secure cash location, though its aesthetics leave us wanting. What if you want to buy a high-quality leather wallet? Go for the durable hand-stitched top-grain leather wallet that can fit squarely in the front pocket. Read more about this wallet in our Trayvax ascent review.

  • Holds 14 credit cards + 8 bills
  • Tumbled stainless steel plates
  • RFID protection
  • Not an attractive design
  • Secure cash location is a pain to use


Trayvax isn’t a stranger to making marginally appealing money clips, like the Trayvax Ascent, so it’s strange to see the lack of aesthetics for the Trayvax Axis. The steel isn’t textured, nor does the nylon strap have any color to it. But the brand’s most sophisticated wallet is in the Trayvax contour review.


Thankfully, that doesn’t hinder its durability. It’s made of tumbled stainless steel, two plates sandwiched together with a nylon strap to keep everything secure. While nylon is strong, it isn’t as strong as the leather on the Trayvax Element.


The bi fold metal wallet Trayvax Axis will give you mixed results. On one hand, it will be incredibly easy to access any of your 14 credit cards it can hold, but the secure cash location can be a pain. On the other hand, the Magpul Daka Everyday Wallet has an easy to reach pouch.

Size & Versatility

As for size, you’ll have a tough time finding anything smaller, not with this kind of performance. It’s hardly bigger than the debit/credit cards you’ll slide in, making it easy to pick up for any everyday carry. And yes, it will fit perfectly inside your front pocket, and you won’t even notice it


Is the Trayvax Axis for you? It certainly speaks to the minimalist at heart, which is already a niche group, but made even smaller by the fact that it can hold 14 cards. Do you know someone with more than 4 or 5? Regardless, its durable construction doesn’t appear to be worth $50, which further reduces the number of people this would appeal to.

Trayvax Axis Wrap Up

With that said, the Trayvax Axis isn’t a bad option, per say, but if you have the money to waste on these, then it’s likely you’re of the small percentage that has more than 5 cards on you at all times. Its steel construction will make it hard to break, but it may be overkill.