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Lacking a powerful enough brightness and contrast ratio can really sour your experience when using a projector. What could have been good video quality quickly turns south. With good contrast ratio and brightness, the Topvision Projector might just be the best mini projector, while having the added benefit of supporting a wide array of devices.

Why We Like It – TOPVISION Projector Review

Supporting all kinds of devices, with better brightness and contrast ratio than its competitors, this projector wants you to enjoy your movie. And why not binge on your favorite TV shows by synchronizing your mobile device, too.

  • Good contrast ratio
  • Lots of ports to use
  • Can synchronize with your mobile device
  • Cheap build quality


Starting off with image quality, the Topvision Projector nails to important details: contrast ratio and brightness. There’s a nice sharpness to the image, even with a big screen size. What’s great is how the projector works in brighter environments, too. You don’t necessarily have to wait until night time to enjoy your flick in 1080p Full HD supported clarity. It’s a clear contender against the Dr. J Professional HI-04 1080p. Lamp life is also a plus at 50000 hours. If you do the math, watching a 2-hour movie every single day, the light will last for nearly 70 years. Sound quality is decent in small rooms, so you’ll want to consider plugging in speakers.


The Topvision Projector is very accommodating to whatever video source you choose to use. In some instances, projectors have HDMI USB, maybe. But HDMI VGA USB ports? Not as common. It goes further by allowing you to synchronize smart phone screens with a USB Out 5V port rather than use Wi-Fi. If you have a USB cable or HDMI cable, it doesn’t matter which video source you use—this projector will play it back, even a Fire TV Stick. If you want a portable projector, it isn’t that the Topvision can’t be, but the Anker Nebula Capsule is better suited for traveling.


The Topvision LED Projector has a lot to offer, from great picture quality to a variety of ports to use. It’s very accommodating to the video source you’re using, aside from Wi-Fi. Few mini projectors go as far as this one has. Because of everything it offers, at the price it does, we can certainly give this projector our mark of good value. It’s a great projector to have if you’re putting together a home theater on a budget. Your money is better spent on this video projector, as opposed to a Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector.

TOPVISION Projector Review Wrap Up

For someone who isn’t a big video quality snob and just wants to enjoy a good movie on their own home cinema, the Topvision Projector is for you. It has good video quality while having all kinds of ports to use, aside from Wi-Fi. Yes, it’s build quality is a bit cheap, but cuts had to be made somewhere and those didn’t affect its performance.

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