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The Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Cool Wallet is an excellent choice for those looking for a wallet that’s still traditional, but not too traditional. The bifold design allows you to still store bills the old-fashioned way but also have the benefit of a wallet that’s not bulky or cumbersome to lug around. Check out our cool wallets list to learn more!

Why We Like It – Tommy Hilfiger Wallet

The Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Cool Wallet features a slim design despite not technically being a slim wallet. It’s portable, lightweight, 100 percent pure cow leather, and has the capacity to hold up to everyday wear and tear. It’s inexpensive on Amazon so if you’re just looking for a quickie wallet its $18.00 price tag will be very alluring. Compare this with the Zenlet wallet if you’re not sure which brand of wallet is best.

  • Slim and Compact
  • Made with premium materials
  • Inexpensive
  • Not much room for bills
  • Lacks any RFID Protection


The Tommy Hilfiger Passcase Wallet comes in one size, and that size is 3.5” high and 4.5” wide. Even though it’s not a slim wallet, it is still highly portable and can fit easily in your back or front jeans pocket. It’s biggest drawback is its lack of any RFID protection. If RFID protection is really high on your list of wants for a wallet, and let’s face it, it should be, try the ARW Slim Cool Wallet which is US GOVT. FIPS 201-certified.


The Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Wallet comes with 5 card slots for your credit cards (or whatever you decide to put in there) and a removable ID window. Unfortunately, this is 2 card slots lower than the Travando Slim Cool Wallet, so we recommend going with that one if you’re looking for maximum card capacity. However, the Tommy Hilfiger wallet is high quality. It is a leather wallet made of 100 percent cow leather and can withstand the daily bump and grind you will probably put it through.


The Tommy Hilfiger bifold wallet retails for just shy of $18.00 on amazon.com. Unfortunately, this means it doesn’t qualify for free shipping in the United States. Still, $18.00 for a wallet is an incredible price. If there was a time when this wallet was considered expensive, those days have long past. As mentioned, the wallet is bifold. If you’re looking for a more traditional trifold wallet we recommend trying the Levi’s Men’s Genuine Leather Trifold Cool Wallet.

Tommy Hilfiger Wallet Wrap Up

When it comes to a wallet, Tommy Hilfiger knows what they are doing design wise. In fact, they should know what they’re doing in the performance section too considering how long they’ve been around. It makes it even more strange why their wallet doesn’t have RFID protection. Still a fantastic wallet, though, for anyone looking for style.

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