McFly High Tops and ZBoard Classic Hoverboard Edition Bundle

Marty McFly’s hoverboard is easily one of the best hoverboards for kids. One day it will exist for real so that we can all ride it. So maybe it’s the the hoverboad you’ve been wanting ever since you first saw Back to the Future as a kid but this sweet bundle deal from StackSocial is pretty sweet!

Special Edition Bundle

ZBoard classic bundle

Everybody loves getting their hands on limited edition stuff, so this is one bundle you won’t want to miss out on, especially if you’re a huge Back to the Future fan. You get the ZBoard Classic Overboard Edition, which is the ultimate electric powered skateboard that’s designed to look like the hoverboard from the second movie in the popular franchise, along with Marty McFly’s iconic high tops. You can now pretend to fly through your neighborhood with the wind in your hair and all your bullies eating your dust!

The Awesomeness of the ZBoard

The electric skateboard is super easy and super fun to ride! Just lean forward to go and lean back to stop. It’s that simple! It feature Weight-Sensing Electric Skateboard technology so you can easily go for miles at a time just by putting your foot on one of its two sensor pads. Powering it is a 400W electric motor and it has a top speed of 17 mph and a range of up to 5 miles per charge. You’re be jamming on the streets with these thing towing you around! Add in some sweet Marty McFly high tops and you’ll be cursing in style. All you need is a socket to charge this baby up ( it does take 5-6 hours for a full charge) and you’re good to go. There’s also a handle for easy carrying.

This makes a great Christmas gift for loved ones who can’t get enough of the Back to the Future movies or for those who always wanted a Hoverboard and Marty McFly’s dope high tops! The bundle is being offered by StackSocial for $700, which is 17% off its original price of $849. But hurry, this bundle won’t last for very long!

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