TEKTON Wrench Metric 30 Piece 25253 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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From our list of the Best Allen Keys comes the Tekton wrench metric 30 piece set. With this toolset, you will have 30 Allen wrench sizes to work with. These hex key wrenches are designed to insert smoothly into the fastener head, which reduces the wear and tear of the tool. The long arm short arm design gives you extra reach and leverage. Continue reading to know why you need this highly-rated tool.

Why We Like It – Tekton Wrench Metric 30 Piece 25253

This 30 piece Hex key wrench set is a nice set of Allen keys that installs or adjusts a variety of socket cap screws. The hex key set comes with a storage box that holds all the pieces together for easy access. Each storage case contains 15 long and 15 short arm hex key sizes. These hex wrenches have different sized chamfered ends for extra reach when dealing with tighter spaces.

  • Fastener head reducing wear and tear
  • Good quality wrenches at a good price
  • Storage Case too big for portability

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The hinged storage case opens to reveal the wrenches with easy to read sizes on each key. The contents in the case are 15 inch hex key wrenches and another 15 inch metric hex wrenches. The hex keys are heat treated steel which provides durability. In case you don’t like the usage, find other Allen wrenches from our list like the bondhus 20399 l wrench briteguard goldguard.


These wrenches have straight ends that provide a snug fit for most socket screws. There is no plating on these keys which means that there is no chipping. The keys have a black oxide finish that protects against corrosion, so these tools will last a long time. Another set of Allen wrenches from our list is the Rexbeti hex key Allen wrench set which features 5 more wrench sizes than this Tekton model.


One good thing to note is that even though you have 30 pieces on this model, it is cheaper than the Tekton long arm ball end hex key wrench set Allen key. If you would like to get wrenches for yourself or a significant other, this is a good investment that will be useful and affordable. The design is slightly bulky which provides less portability, but at least the storage case is easy to carry along anywhere. With less than a 20 dollar commitment, you will receive 15 long and 15 short pieces for your projects. Please make sure to check out reviews from customers that made verified purchases of these hex keys to see what they think.

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Tekton Wrench Metric 30 Piece 25253 Wrap Up

For less than twenty dollars, you can take home a set of Allen wrenches that will help you deal with any situations involving socket screws. The storage case design provides for easy storage and accessibility. Finally, the set is built tough and will last a very long time thanks to the heat treated steel.

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