Get A Hole In One In Your Swimming Pool, Floating Green Made Especially For Pools

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Updated June 27, 2022

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Pretend you’re Tiger Woods and have to make it over a water hazard in the comfort of your backyard with the Swimming Golf set! Perfect for summer, the unique floating golf-green will test your golf skills and make for endless pool-side fun for the entire family as they try to sink a hole in one. Super easy to use, just set it up and throw it in the pool to float. Then pick a side of the pool to put from. If soccer is more your game, take a look at how Nike has invented a Laser system to create instant soccer courts in any city (video). Or if basketball is more your game, you should also read our guide to how the Blacknet lets you replace nets on any hoop in an instant.

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The kit includes one floating free, a golf carpet, 12 floating golf balls, one official size bogey, one fixing system and one Wedge club 60° for those who don’t already have their own set of irons. It can easily be used to practice your swing alone or with friends while you’re enjoin a sung day by the pool.It’s $305 with the club and $249 without it at The Fancy.

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