Swagtron Hoverboard Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Swagtron self-balancing electric scooter is a fun machine for both kids and adults. It is especially good for beginners as it comes with a learning mode that can help you balance and ride the hoverboard. It has adequate speed, range, and it could be the best electric skateboard for starters. If you’d rather start with a regular skateboard, you might also want to read our review of the SoulArc performance skateboard.

Why We Like It – Swagtron Hoverboard

The Swagtron T1 hoverboard is an easy to learn self-balancing electric scooter that offers good range, build quality, and battery life. It has two riding modes, including a learning mode for kids and beginners. The Sentry Shield battery management system offers excellent safety and board protection.

  • Self-balancing scooter with two riding modes
  • 250W motor offers 13 km top speed
  • Up to 19 kms of range on a single charge
  • Charging takes long time


Although the Swagtron T1 isn’t made for top speeds, it can still hit 13 kms per hour thanks to the single 250W hub motor. The scooter features gear stabilisation that offers tighter control and traction when riding downhill. With a range of up to 19 kms, you can make sure that it takes you around the neighborhood. The in-built lithium battery takes about an hour or more to fully charge. It features two riding modes, learning and standard, with the latter for experienced riders. For more oomph, check out the Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard with dual motors.


This self-balancing scooter from Swagtron has good build quality and a standard 2-wheel hoverboard design. With additional features such as an LED headlight, battery indicator, and Sentry Shield battery, this is one of the best hoverboards in the market. The scooter can handle a weight of about 100 kgs, and is designed for all ages. It doesn’t have a Bluetooth speaker or extra lights, but it does offer good safety features and is durable. If skateboard is more your style, then you should try out the Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard.


The Swagtron hoverboard is great value for money as it comes with plenty of features that even other more expensive models lack. The 250W motor offers good speed and range with Stop Safe technology for an easy rolling stop. Swagtron also claims to have top notch US based customer service available all days a week. The Sentry Shield battery pack protects the board against overheating, overcharging, short-circuits, and overcurrent. You can also try the RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard if you’re on a budget and want a skateboard instead.

Swagtron Hoverboard Wrap Up

The Swagtron T1 is available on Amazon com for $219, which is great for a self-balancing scooter with two riding modes, Sentry Shield battery, and a top speed of 13kmph. It also has a range of up to 19 kms with a single charge of its lithium battery, which can take some time to charge. The safety features, battery life, and LED headlights, make it one of the best hoverboards available online.

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