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Super Mario Kart Comes To Life, Kids Will Love 6V Ride-On Vehicle

super mario kart v6 vehicle

Admit it, Super Mario Kart is one of your favorite all-time games! Yeah, ours too, which is why we’re super psyched about the new Super Mario Kart 6V Ride-On Vehicle that makes us which this came in an adult-size version. For those of us with kids, this Mario Kart-inspired toy vehicle is a must have!   Even the best swing set for toddlers can’t compete with this videogame come to life. The kart features real working pedals and sounds straight from the game. It’s powered by a 6-volt battery that allow it to toot along at 2.5 mph – perfect for toddlers looking for a bit of Mario Kart excitement. The signature sounds effects from the video game will make you nostalgic of your Nintendo and make you wish your big old behind would fit in the single toddler seat (max load is 70lbs). If you want to add a whole new level to in-person Mario Kart, check out our light strike review. Right now you can pre-order the Kart for $229.99 at Toys R Us.

super mario kart v6