Stealth Plankster Core Trainer Interactive Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you like to add planking into your daily core strength regiment, you probably understand how uncomfortable and time-consuming it can be. Why not crank up the difficulty with the Stealth Plankster Core Trainer Interactive? It takes the form of planking, adds in interactive abs and multiple angles for the best ab machine. You just need 3 mins a day to get good results from this highly-rated exercise equipment

Why We Like It – Stealth Plankster Core Trainer Interactive Review

The definitive way to plank. By combining an interactive app and a surface that tilts in multiple angles, you can capitalize on what planking can do to your core naturally.

  • Unique way of exercising core strength
  • Arm pads are comfortable
  • Exercise app is free
  • Strictly for planking
  • Not the easiest to store

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What the Stealth Plankster Core Trainer Interactive did for us, above all, was focus on core strength. Planking in general is really good for that, and Stealth went ahead and improved the way we do it. Rather than be stable and unmoving, you can add an extra level of exercise with this device due to the way it pivots and moves. What really made our abs burn was placing a phone in the small divot and play interactive apps (which are free, by the way). If we had to choose, we’d pick this over the Ab Doer 360.


As intense as planking can be for a great core workout, it’s all the Stealth Plankster Core Trainer Interactive workout device can offer, unlike the Star Uno Ab Machine which provides 8 different exercise options. It’s also bulky and weirdly shaped, so storing can be complicated. Still, it provides one of the most unique ways of strengthening your core. In fact, there’s no way we’d plank without it. Since the urethane arm pads were comfortable, it made planking for long periods easier. At the same time, we could enjoy Netflix or Hulu by sliding the phone into the small divot.


We think the Stealth Plankster Core Trainer Interactive workout device really nailed what it wanted to accomplish: improving the art of planking in a fun and innovative way. Unfortunately, planking is all it’s really good for, a refined version that may as well be the definitive way to plank. And the interactive apps that come with it are just cherries on this banana sundae. For that, we think it has great value—certainly more than what the CAP Barbell Ab Machine offers.

Stealth Plankster Core Trainer Interactive Review Wrap Up

If planking is what you want, the Stealth Plankster Core Trainer Interactive is where it’s at. It’s such a unique way to capitalize on what planking already naturally does by adding pivoting and angles. Tossing in a free app only made it fun and interactive. And since the arm pads were comfortable, it was easier to perform long-period regiments. Review Stealth Core Trainer Plankster yourself and see what we mean.

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