Shot Tracker knows that you basketball fans out there want more than just a step-tracker and calorie-counter: Its app steps up to the free throw line and offers you a way to improve your shots in combination with a few smart devices.

Along with the app, Shot Tracker comes with a sensor that you attach to the net and an arm sensor that you wear within a sleeve, very similar to a compression sleeve, or a wristband. Open the app, make your shots, and the software will track your performance. There’s quite a lot of detail here, too: From basics like shots made/shots missed, the app dives into where on the court shots were made (allowing you to pinpoint weak directions), long-term shooting percentages and methods of improvement.

Shot tracker can easily track more than one person’s performance – in fact, one of the marketed benefits of the software is how easily it can be used by coaches to track an entire team’s performance. This includes creating rosters, assigning specific players to shooting drills, watch long-term improvement, identifying particular strengths, and so on.

Of course, the software isn’t much good for tracking anything other than shots, but Shot Tracker has built an impressive platform here and more devices may be on their way. The app works for both Android and iOS, and starts at $149.99 for the entire package.

Shot Tracker is the first out the gate (to mix sport metaphors) for basketball sensor apps, but it’s not the only company with that idea. Hoop Tracker is taking preorders for a very similar system that uses a smart watch set-up (recently lowered from $199 to $149), and techies over at SwishMetrics are also working on a short sensor with many of the same features. However, Shot Tracker is probably the only one available in time for a holiday gift, definitely giving it an edge for the remainder of this year.

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