Serman Brands Wallet Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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92 Expert Rating

The Serman Brands Wallet definitely took notes from Best Cool Wallets without completely copying their homework. Underneath is the opportunity to be the Best RFID Wallet due to its ability to block RFID frequencies. But it has several convenient features for easily accessing your cards, pulling straight from the Best Smart Wallet for solutions.

Why We Like It – Serman Brands Wallet

The Serman Brands Wallet is all about convenience and style. Like carrying over half a dozen cards? You can quickly access them through a pull tab or place your main card on the outside.

  • Pull tab for quick access to credit cards
  • Integrated money clip inside
  • Aesthetically pleasing leather w/ color options
  • So-so quality


There’s no doubt about it: the Serman Brands RFID Blocking Minimalist Wallet looks great. The stitching looks good, as does the leather, which you can choose between full grain, top grain, and vegan leather. It isn’t one tone either, with 11 finishes to choose from, like Texas brown and slate green. Colors are exactly what the Travelambo Wallet was missing. If the aura of class and sophistication is your thing, Boshiho Leather Credit Card Holder with a book-inspired design and 90 slots of cards available may be just the wallet for you.


However, that doesn’t speak to its durability. It’s average, at best. If you aren’t careful with the money clip inside, it can break within a few weeks. While this is touted as a full grain leather wallet, it isn’t always of the best quality. You might find frequent bug bites or the finish might rub off onto your cards, or one user noting a sticky substance on their cards that made it hard to use.


When it’s working as intended, the Serman Brands Slim Wallet has potential. You can carry 8 credits cards with you at all times, plus a designated ID slot. What’s different with this wallet is the Serman Brands Wallet has a single card slot on the outside for your main card and a pull tab for quick access to additional ones. All those cards are then shielding from data theft from frequencies of 13.56MHz and higher.

Size & Versatility

Since this is a minimalist wallet, it has no problem fitting into your pocket of choice, front or back. Measuring 3.9 x 2.85 x 0.5 inches in size, you’ll quickly forget it’s even in your front pocket. That’s a huge difference when compared to the bulky Flipside Wallet.


If the Serman Brands Wallet had been priced any higher, we would tell you to look elsewhere. Its performance is on point, while its durability leaves much to be desired, just like the Tommy Hilfiger Wallet. It has a nice balance between functionality and style. And since it is very affordable, you can quickly grab a few to match specific outfits if you feel so inclined.

Serman Brands Wallet Wrap Up

The Serman Brands Wallet strikes the right balance between style, performance, and functionality. It offers a healthy number of features without hiking the price to impossible heights. You get 8 card slots to play with, a money clip, and most importantly, quick access to said cards. What does falter is the average durability; it could use some work.

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