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Finding the best windowless air conditioner for your home isn’t as difficult as most people make it out to be. You only need to have a good idea of how big your room is, as well as the kind of cooling power that would be ideal given the region that you live in. The Serenelife Portable Air conditioner for example has a rating of about 8000 BTU, making it suitable for rooms of up to 250 square feet in size. The portable air conditioner won’t do much in a room that’s larger than that size, so if your living room or office is just about the same size, go ahead and get to the end of this review to see what else it’s got in store for you. You may also need to compare it to other top-rated air conditioners.

Why We Like It – SereneLife Portable Air Conditioner

The Serene Life Portable Air Conditioner is easily capable of keeping your 250 sq ft house well cooled, and has an airflow capacity of up to 293 Cubic Meters per hour. If you require a larger capacity unit, consider the SereneLife 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. This smaller capacity model has got 3 functional modes, an easy-to-use control panel, and the capacity to remove up to 1.2 Litres of water per hour from the moisture.

  • 3 Operation Modes
  • Easy to use, digital touch button control panel
  • Simple electric plug-in operation
  • Only suitable for small rooms


Unlike the Koldfront air conditioner, the Serene Life portable air conditioner has got 3 operating modes. Aside from being able to fan you, it’s got a built-in dehumidifier, as well as a cooling function. In this respect, it is similar to the Shinco SPS5 14000 BTUs air conditioner, as they both have those three functions in common. Additionally, installing a portable AC is pretty simple, so you can enjoy the cool quicker. The Serene Life room air conditioner also features a digital touch button control panel where you’ll find settings for the power, mode, time, temperature, and fan modes, making it a lot easier to control.

Energy Efficiency

In regards to energy efficiency, the SereneLife portable AC unit has a rated power of 1100 Watts on its highest settings, and about 700 watts on its lowest, so if you want it to be energy efficient, you’re going to have to be very keen on your usage. It’s got a decent Energy Efficiency Ratio of about 8.9, which matches that of the Black + Decker BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner, meaning you should expect the same level of power consumption from the two portable air conditioning units. Compare that the very efficient Senville Mini Split air conditioner, which has an impressive SEER rating of 25.

In the case of energy efficiency, you’ll want to check out our guide to a Stage 2 AC unit.


To keep out any dust particles and unwanted materials from clogging up the inside of the SereneLife Portable Air Conditioner, it comes with a filter that you’ll be able to easily remove and wash. Unfortunately, there’s no check filter indicator, so you’ll just have to make sure that you’re able to wash it within a recommended period of every 45 to 90 days. As long as you keep the portable air conditioner well maintained through constant cleaning, it should maintain good performance over a long time. Now if you want a unit with a HEPA filter, consider giving our Ductlessaire mini split review a read.


Like most portable air conditioners of its capacity, the SereneLife air conditioning unit is backed by a 1-year warranty that you can easily claim if your unit arrives with any problems. This is the same period as the Honeywell MN10CESWW, and it happens to be the industry standard for most air conditioning units.


The one thing that a good number of people might probably find to be impressive about the Serene Life portable AC is that it comes with a window kit that allows you to hook up its exhaust hose appropriately into your window, and in doing so, you’ll be able to have the AC unit easily pull warm air from your room, and replace it with cool air. The 8000 BTU Portable air conditioner also has a considerably low noise level, making it perfect for use during the night, and also comes with a remote control to facilitate remote operation. But, to transform it into a smart unit, you’ll want to check out our Sensibo Sky smart air conditioner controller review.

Serene Life Portable Air Conditioner Wrap Up

There aren’t as many air conditioning units that come with an installation kit, but the Serene Life Portable AC unit happens to be one of them. This means you won’t have to purchase anything required to get it set up from outside, saving you the extra cost of having to do so.