Are you serious about fitness? If so, you need to go beyond the basics and the RocketBody AI Wearable Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist will definitely up your game. This gadget is perfect for everyone who leads an active lifestyle. This device does a lot more than just count your steps. It will be your new best fitness buddy. Plus, with a nutritionist built into the program, you’ll know if your best thermogenic supplements are really working. If you also want a way to focus your morning workout, you’ll want to see HeartMath Inner Balance Sensor Bluetooth review too.

RocketBody Is an Intelligent Fitness Trainer

This is a wearable that is made for anyone. A wearable that knows your body better than you do. It uses advanced algorithms with EKG monitoring to track your metabolic rate and recovery phase. In this way, it can design your workouts and a nutrition plan for you. It takes all of the guesswork out of nutrition so you can focus on your gains. If you want a way to measure those gains, check out our review of the TargetScale.

It also measures HR and HRV, sleep quality, and your stress level. The device syncs with the app to calculate your Supercompensation. In other words, it determines when the best time to train is. It’s all tailored to you.

Don’t deny yourself your favorite foods. RocketBody knows how much food you need for your workout and you will still feel good afterward. It will give you daily health tips, help with hitting your goals, and real-time coaching. You will get the most out of your workouts with coaching that is personalized just for you.

RocketBody AI Wearable Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist
RocketBody makes working out high-tech

It Takes The Guesswork Out of Fitness

It doesn’t matter if you lift weights, do cardio, cycle, or run, RocketBody knows your body. It shows the calories that you need to build muscle. It will also help you to control your sleep and stress levels, which helps with the recovery process.

By helping you eat better and control your stress, you can workout more efficiently and concentrate on your routine. RocketBody offers a whole new way to workout and will change your life by streamlining your health regimen. Once you use RocketBody, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

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