RingCentral vs Jive – RingCentral Gives You More Bang for Your Buck

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Updated June 27, 2022

Choosing the right VoIP provider can get tough, especially in a world where there are seemingly infinite options available. So, which company comes out on top in the RingCentral vs Jive battle?

Keep reading to learn more about these two PBX companies and how they compare. We cover pricing, features, ease of use and customer support to help you decide which is better for your business and why. Once you’ve got the best VoIP provider picked out, you might also want to read our Lifetron’s gold plated internet phone: for those with style, too.

RingCentral vs Jive Costs: Jive Costs Less Overall


RingCentral Plans
RingCentral offers a variety of plans that won’t hurt your wallet.

This business VoIP company breaks their pricing and plans into four separate tiers, giving you more flexibility and control over what you pay each month for their services. Each of these plans is calculated as a monthly cost per user, which is standard for VoIP providers.

Essentials – The Essentials plan costs $19.99 per user per month and is often considered RingCentral’s budget plan that works best for companies with fewer users. This plan provides most of the standard features you should expect to get with a business VoIP service, including unlimited phone calls within the US and Canada, mobile apps and HD voice capability.

Standard – The Standard plan costs $24.99 per user per month. It includes all the features from the previous Essentials plan, along with some additional, upgraded features. You’ll be able to host unlimited video meetings with up to four different people, more toll-free minutes and a comprehensive auto attendant system.

Premium – The Premium plan costs $34.99 per user per month and it’s by far the most popular plan that RingCentral offers. The plan bumps up the number of your toll-free minutes to 2,500, and also provides the ability to host up to 100 people in a video call. You’ll also get much more advanced user management features, like integrations with external apps, single sign-on functionality and multi-site support.

Ultimate – The Ultimate plan costs $49.99 per user per month and works best for enterprise-level companies. It offers all the features and functionality of previous plans, but gives you more toll-free minutes (10,000) and the ability to host up to 200 people on video conference calls.


Jive Pricing Plans 1
Jive adjusts their prices based on how many users you have on the plan.

Jive prices their pans a little differently than most voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) companies. They split their pricing into five different tiers, all based on the number of people who will be using the service. Each tier includes all of the same features.

Tier 1 costs $29.95 per user for one to four users. Tier 2 costs $25.95 per user for five to nine users. Tier 3 costs $23.95 per user for 10 to 24 users. Tier 4 costs $21.95 per user for 25 to 49 users. Tier 5 costs $19.95 per users for 50+ users.

Ease of Use: You Won’t Have Troubles with Either

VoIP Interface 1
Your VoIP service’s interface should be simple and easy to use.

New software and services can always be intimidating for you and your employees. This is why it’s so important to purchase something that’s easy to use. Fortunately, both RingCentral and Jive are easy to learn and use overall.

Existing customers will have their own opinions about what works well for them, but we found that RingCentral and Jive excelled when it comes to initial setup and configuration. You’ll have plenty of support from each company throughout the setup process. Both companies also offer intuitive user interfaces that are easy to learn, even for teams that have never used VoIP systems before.

Feature Availability: RingCentral Offers More for Bigger Businesses

Comparing features between business VoIP systems can be more difficult than you might think, especially when you realize that each business has different needs. It’s sometimes hard to find a single best solution for your virtual private branch exchange needs, which is why we look at the whole picture instead. We’ve found that companies with more features are more likely to meet your requirements.

Simply put, RingCentral offers more features over Jive, including more team collaboration and user management features. While Jive offers the same set of features across each of their pricing tiers, they don’t offer as much as RingCentral.

Ultimately, RingCentral is better suited for medium to large businesses, while Jive is better suited for small companies of less than 10 people.

Customer Support: You Can Get Great Support for Both
Getting Support from RingCentral
You can get support through phone, live chat, email, community forums, and more.

For the most part, the bulk of these companies’ customers don’t have any problems with the available customer support options. You can reach RingCentral and Jive’s support lines through all the traditional methods, including phone, online chat and email. Both companies also provide comprehensive FAQs and support libraries.

There’s not much difference between these two VoIP provides in terms of the level of customer support provided. They’re both available 24/7 and have great reviews across the board.

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