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Gadget Review offers expert Bluetooth headphones reviews, a list of best bluetooth headphones for working out (even best headphones for running) and comparisons to help you make up your mind when it comes to the best bluetooth headphones on the market! Our top headphone reviews show how bluetooth headphones connect wirelessly to your smartphone or other devices and are made by brands like Jaybird, Jabra, Bose, Sennheiser, Beats and many other companies. They tend to be expensive, but with our expert reviews and top lists, you can quickly find a deal that will work best for you!

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Bluetooth headphones tend to fall in two different categories. The first category is primarily convenience. People want headphones without the wires to make listening to music easier. These types of wireless headphones are also used for gaming (when you're not right up against the screen) and other purposes. They tend to be mostly over the ear models. The second category are wireless headphones designed for working out or running. They tend to be smaller and, while there are some over ear options, many are earbuds. To find the best Bluetooth headphones for the job and the greatest deals online, bookmark Gadget Review!