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How to Replace a Thermal Fuse in a Coffee Maker

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Even if you have the best coffee maker, you may need to fix a thermal fuse if the brewing cycle won’t start. Luckily, some repairs to coffee makers are straightforward, especially for popular models like the Bunn Coffee Maker. While this guide deals with a drip coffee maker, the parts discussed are valid for a Keurig coffee or espresso machine. So, if your cup of coffee came out like cold water, you need to know how to replace the thermal fuse in a coffee maker. Read this guide to learn how.


  • Remove the top of your coffee maker by undoing the screws.
  • Take the old fuses out of the assembly and remove the plastic cover.
  • Cut the old fuses before the solder points and use a metal clip to hold your new fuses in place.
  • Replace the plastic cover and fuse assembly before reassembling the coffee maker.

Thermal fuses are an important safety feature that stops electrical fire. If your coffee maker won’t turn on, make hot coffee, or the hot plate won’t work, you likely need a new thermal fuse kit. Once you fix the thermal switches, you can warm your cold coffee in the coffee machine.

If your stovetop espresso maker isn’t working, read this guide to fix the heating assembly. For other issues, such as fixing a coffee maker spring, plugging a leak in a coffee maker, or descaling a coffee machine, we have guides for that, too.

Insider Tip

Let your coffee maker rest for a few minutes after unplugging it. This ensures any excess charge is gone from the internal circuitry.

How to Change a Blown Fuse in a Coffee Machine

Tools: Thermal fuse kit, screwdriver, wire cutter, wire stripper

STEP 1 Unplug the Drip Coffee Maker

Before doing repairs, unplug your machine from the outlet and leave it for 20-30 minutes.

STEP 2 Remove Top Cover

Lift the lid of the coffee basket and you’ll see two screws. Remove them and there may be a metal clip holding it in place.

STEP 3 Remove Four Corner Screws and Remove Cover

Remove the remaining four screws, and you should see the coffee maker’s guts. Additionally, if you see critters in your coffee maker after you open it, you’ll want to learn how to keep roaches out of your coffee machine.

STEP 4 Find Thermal Fuses and Remove from Harness

Look for the thermal fuse harness in the top corner. The fuses should have a plastic cover over them. Slide them out of the harness.

STEP 5 Remove Plastic Cover

The plastic fuse cover will come in two parts: the outer sheath and the inner sheath. Remove them both, but do not damage them.

STEP 6 Cut the Thermostat Wires

You should see two thermal cutoffs that are soldered to the wires. Use your wire cutters and cut below those solder points and expose the wires underneath.

STEP 7 Install New Wire Connection Assembly with Metal Clips

Slide your new thermal fuses over the revealed wire and use metal clips to connect them. You may need clamps to make the most secure connection.

STEP 8 Reassemble the Coffee Maker

Follow steps 1-6, but in reverse to put your coffee machine back together.


Clean your coffee basket before opening the machine. You do not want hot water or grounds damaging your machine.


How to take apart a coffee maker?

On most coffee makers, there are about 4-6 screws that hold on the top cover. Remove those, and you’ll have access to the machine’s internals.

How do you test a thermal fuse on a coffee maker?

Use a multimeter to check the internal circuitry of your coffee machine. This will verify that thermal fuses are the issue and not another part like a heating element or the temperature control switch.

Can I bypass my thermal fuse when it got burnt?

Do not bypass the thermal fuse or any other safety feature in your coffee maker. Fuses, in many cases, prevent electrical fires, and no qualified repair person would recommend bypassing them.

STAT: According to a survey from Gallup, 70% of Americans in the Eastern United States drink one or more cups of coffee per day. (source)

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