Powerlix Compression SocksTARGET Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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These calf compression socks are ideal for busy men and women who would benefit from increased circulation in their calves. They are among the best clothing apparel items, which includes Gildan Men’s Crew T-Shirt Multipack, ASICS Men’s Gel Venture Running Shoe, and the ARW Carbon Fiber Wallet.

Why We Like It – Powerlix Compression Socks

These socks are ideal for athletes, pregnant women, or those healing from a leg or foot injury. The compression socks are comfortable as well as supportive. While the price is for just one pair of socks, there are discounts available when you purchase two or three pairs.

  • Great for pregnant women or athletes
  • Reduces varicose veins and plantar fasciitis
  • Graduated compression for pain relief or blood circulation
  • Limited color black gray print or color black blue print
  • Not a highly breathable fabric
  • You only get one pair with each purchase


The high quality women men knee high compression socks offer a full range of benefits to wearers (just like the Pococina Upgraded 4.2 Bluetooth Beanie Hat). These socks are designed to be worn for long periods of time to help increase blood flow, expedite muscle recovery from fatigue, make sure that blood clots do not develop, reduce the pain for plantar fasciitis and blisters, reduce the appearance or pain associated with varicose and spider veins, and many more beneficial health care issues. The socks are comfortable and made of high-quality cotton. Whether you are pregnant and suffering from leg cramps or an avid athlete who wants to decrease muscle fatigue, these socks can help.


Like the fashionable and stylish Rotibox Rechargeable Bluetooth Fashional Speakerphone, these knee high socks are stylish while beneficial to your health. Made from 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex, the socks are comfortable and supportive. While they only come in limited colors of black and gray, they have different logo colors on them, such as blue, pink, gray, or black stripes. The socks offer 20-30mmHg of compression, so it doesn’t restrict movement too much. They have a non-slip cuff and are soft and comfortable. The socks come in two sizes for women and men for a total of four total sizes. Sizing is based on both your shoe size and your calf circumference for the ideal, most comfortable fit.


For $13.95, you get one pair of socks. While this may seem a little on the pricey side, Amazon offers either a $5.00 coupon and/or 10% off when you purchase two pairs. They also offer 15% off if you purchase three pairs. Since these socks are machine washable, if you purchase two or three pairs, you can wear one while you are washing the others. Since they have a medical use, these socks do cost more than traditional knee high socks. Compared to other brands, these socks are a good value.

Powerlix Compression Socks Wrap Up

These compression socks are made from nylon and spandex. They are specifically designed for tired or aching calves and feet. While you only get one pair per order, there are discounts with multiple pair purchases. The color options are not great, but they are stylish. Sure the material could be a bit more breathable, especially in warmer months, overall they are a good value compression sock.

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