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Record all workout data during your workouts with Polar’s latest drop, the vantage v. With the v polar watch, you can view information about running power, sleep time, heart rate monitoring, all through the polar flow app. After data is analyzed, the watch goes as far as letting you know when you have overtrained yourself with recovery pro, a feature available with the polar h10 hr sensor. By adjusting cardio load, athletes ensure that they don’t stress themselves out during any training mode. Smartwatches like the polar v have similar features as our contenders for Best Running Watches, such as garmin forerunner 35 running watch and the lintelek fitness tracker with heart rate monitor.

Why We Like It – Polar Vantage V Review

The Polar Vantage V is a smartwatch stacked with features that help athletes look at their training data, whether it be through running, swimming, or walking. The wrist based heart monitor helps read the blood flow during a training load. Beyond exercise, this gps watch has sleep tracking to compose a workout plan best fit with the user’s energy. This is a great watch that provides useful functions, a sleek design, and a connected community to work with.

  • 40 hour battery
  • 2hr Charge time
  • Color display
  • Inaccurate fitness readings


The Polar Vantage V navigates smoothly through the touchscreen. Data is organized through the polar flow app, which doubles as a social media site where people from all over the world can share their polar experience with each other. There are also additional add-ons such as a chest strap, that increase the accuracy of heart rate tracking. This running watch is a great option for athletes looking for a smartwatch that does optimal work on and off the field. This watch is comparable to the garmin fenix in terms of looks and function. If this sports watch is too overwhelming, a distinct alternative buy may be the timex ironman classic 30 full-size 38mm running watch.


This sports watch rocks a smooth round shape, with comfortable wrist bands fit for everyday use. The heart rate sensor is located at the bottom of the watch face, but buyers beware that the watch must be worn tightly to produce the most accurate results. Expect to use all the features on this device for a solid 40 hours or more, which is a nice amount of time in between charges, but could always be better.


This is truly an elite device for the most dedicated of athletes. Every training session will surely be a step towards progress thanks to polar precision. The polar flow app is always a nice touch because it allows all the polar community to share their results, and it keeps you putting the watch on for the sake of sharing your superb results with the community. This is a watch meant for the most dedicated, so be sure you are ready before you make this purchase.

Polar Vantage V Review Wrap Up

The Polar Vantage V is a great choice for athletes training in a variety of fields. Battery life surpasses enough time to use the watch throughout the day without the fear of it dying out mid race. With this watch your training data and sleep data will be available on your wrist, and the polar flow app will constantly be updated with your body metrics to provide the best suited training program for the day.

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