Polar Ignite GPS Smartwatch Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Polar Ignite sports watch is a great watch for anyone that is set on finding prime features that are precisely accurate. This watch is a prime example of how precise heart rate monitoring should be. Aside from heart rate, sleep tracking is available. From your sleeping cycles, it then uses the nightly recharge to determine whether you need to hit snooze or not. Once it determines your health, it personalizes a training session for you all through the polar flow app. This fitness tracker truly redefines the flow between technology and humans. Find other great alternates such as the Timex Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size 38mm Running Watch or the Lintelek Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor from our Best Running Watches

Why We Like It – Polar Ignite GPS Smartwatch Review

The Polar Ignite is an exquisite looking watch that performs a variety of functions not often seen in other smartwatches. It’s user interface is unique because it updates daily workouts depending on the energy factors of your day such as how much sleep you had, or how many steps you’ve taken, which makes things feel more connected and may lead to better results during your fitness journey. All this information is then shown to you on a beautiful color screen display.

  • Integrated GPS
  • Customized workouts
  • Prime Heart Rate
  • No Always On DIsplay


The Polar Ignite is a superb device capable of 5 days of battery life through a full charge. This wrist based device comes close to the apple watch with a competing heart rate sensor. The adaptive fitness tracker is a nice personalized touch to the device, because it analyzes our state of mind and body with sleep stages, and activity tracking to ensure we don’t push ourselves harder than we need too. We can become more in tune every day, which will help attain some long awaited fitness results. To improve your running performance, check out the watch featured in our Polar m430 review.


The Polar Ignite’s watch face is touchscreen, and features a physical back button for navigation. There are a number of color styles to choose from. The round design on these sports watches give it a smoother design similar to Polar’s other products such as the Vantage V. If the round design isn’t the look you were going for, maybe the garmin forerunner 35 running watch might be a better fit for you.


For the price you are paying, this watch serves its purpose with quality. The precise sleep data allows There are a couple of misses that this product had, most definitely one of the misses was not integrating contactless pay, which is now more than ever a feature that promotes wellness within the community. It makes up for it by truly being a standalone gps watch that can keep track of you in open water. This is a great watch, but it can be way better.

Polar Ignite GPS Smartwatch Review Wrap Up

If you are looking for precision with your smartwatch, the fitness tracking in the Polar Ignite will keep you in better sync with the state of your body. The adaptive training guide is a very nice touch that helps us sync better with our devices based on our current health. This watch is a great partner for fitness, but it needs to work on post-workout activities because it is a fancy enough watch to wear out.

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