Phanxy Silicone Dual Penis Ring review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Made from the highest quality Silicone around, the Phanxy Silicone cock ring is guaranteed to have you last longer and go harder with your partner, as it is designed to control & direct blood flow to your erection and also add a couple more minutes to your playtime. The dual rubber ring is used to wrap around a man’s member or testes, and in doing so, increases his sensations during intercourse. The ring stretches easily to avoid hurting the wearer and can be worn in a number of different ways depending on preference. Stick around for this Phanxy ring review, and we’ll make it clear why it’s 3rd on our best adult toys list.

Why We Like It – Phanxy Silicone Dual Penis Ring

The Phanxy Silicone Dual Ring earns top points for being easy to use, soft to skin and of course for the mind blowing results it yields for the user and his partner. It’s very easy to put on and take off, and is also waterproof for easy washing.

  • Affordable
  • Elastic
  • Soft
  • One size for all


The Phanxy Silicone Dual Penis ring can be used to spice things up in the bedroom especially if your man wants to last longer or become more firm. The ring helps achieve this by restricting blood flow from moving out of the nether regions, and is made of skin-safe silicone for complete safety when you’re using it. If you have experience with a vibrating cock ring, this might feel like taking things a notch down, but for first time users, it’s likely to soon become the new norm. For women, we advise taking a look at the Paloqueth G Spot Rabbit Vibrator, as it is capable of double stimulation and lasts up to 3 hours on a single charge.


Since most people feel embarassed about their neighbours knowing they use sex toys, the team at Phanxy packages their product in a manner that is difficult to discern, much to the appeasement of whoever is receiving their package. The Phanxy ring is shipped in a sealed bag that comes inside a sizable box, and by the looks of it, you wouldn’t even be able to guess what’s inside. Once you open the sealed bag, you’ll find a stretchy, black double ring that feels very soft to touch and doesn’t have any odour. It’s ready for use immediately after unwrapping, and is just elastic enough to allow for easy wearing or removal. If the idea of a cock ring sounds too basic, then perhaps the Treediride Vibrating Male Masturbator Cup might yield better results especially for those interested in solo pleasure.


Washing the Phanxy Silicone ring after you’re done is a no-brainer since the rings are waterproof and don’t have any electrical parts in them like a vibrating cock ring does. The Phanxy Cock ring also doesn’t cut into skin like other rings are known to, assuring the wearer of maximum comfort throughout the time that he has it on. If you’re however a woman who wouldn’t want to get pleasured by a male partner, then perhaps the Paloqueth Realistic Dildo might help fulfill your needs.

Phanxy Silicone Dual Penis Ring Wrap Up

As far as sex toys go, this Phanxy Silicone ring is one of the cheapest options that you could use to start experimenting with, especially if you want to include the use of some extra stuff in your bedroom. For your partners satisfaction especially is she’s new to toys, we recommend the Realistic Ultra soft Beginners Hands free PALOQUETH.

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