O’Brien Celebrity Combo Water Skis Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The O’brien Celebrity Combo Water Skis made our top seven best boating water sports list because they are both well designed and appealing to the masses. The best water skis on the market include those that can be used by any experience level and any size skier. The o’brien celebrity offers both. In addition to a wide surface area, the water skis accommodate a 4.5 to 13 men’s foot size. This means that they are suitable for women’s feet too. The price is set well and is competitive in the water skiing marketplace.

Why We Like It – O’Brien Celebrity Combo Water Skis

These water skis are ideal for new water ski enthusiasts or those with a bit of experience. They have a wide surface area making them more stable than a thinner ski. They also have adjustable bindings for skiers of various sizes. In addition, they have a plastic fin for added stability and gliding ability.

  • Great for beginner skiers of all sizes
  • Plastic fin for added stability in the water
  • Adjustable bindings to accommodate most feet
  • Only one color option


These skis performed really well when compared to similar products. The wide surface area allows you to smoothly carve through the water without much drag. In addition, they are suitable for slow boat rides. So if you want to ski behind the boat at a leisurely pace, without fear of sinking, the o‚äôbrien celebrity combo will easily accommodate your desires. The O’briens were classed as a best-performing product, along with the Marchway Floating Waterproof Dry Bag, Ubfen Mens Womens Water Shoes, and SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard because they are all top-notch water sports products.


The wide surface area is easily noticeable on these skis. In addition, they have a dual tunnel design that helps to keep you on the surface of the water by lightening the weight of the equipment. The O’brien’s have adjustable bindings to accommodate the foot size of most all individuals, from older kids through adulthood. While the product is geared towards beginner skiers, any experience level will enjoy glide on the water with the combo celebrity skis. The dual tunnel helps keep the ski lightweight as well as super glideable. The plastic fin helps compliment that purpose, as well.


Similarly designed products sell for a higher dollar value. Overall, for what is being marketed as a beginner set of water skis, they O’briens offer you a great value for your investment. They are well designed to accommodate all skill and body sizes. In addition, since they are adjustable, they can be used by multiple family members, saving you the cost of purchasing several pairs of water skis for the whole family. Unless you have dual riders at the same time, one pair will benefit your party size.

O’Brien Celebrity Combo Water Skis Wrap Up

We like this product for a variety of reasons. It is reasonably priced for a beginner pair of skis. In addition, they are adjustable and can accommodate most feet sizes. While they are only available in one color and do not have a free shipping option, the skis are still a good bang for your buck.

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