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Riding the slopes for most people is a casual affair. But if you’re of the competitive type, or quite literally competing for a medal, you’ll probably indulge in any advantage that is legally sound. For that you need the best ski goggles.

Oakley, the brand long associated with extreme sports nuts, today unveiled the Airwave. Stuffed inside the ultra advanced goggle is a very small screen, though the proximity to the eye provides the viewer with a perceived 14-inch display. The result is a HUD, or heads up display that can instantly deliver information including distance, airtime, temperature, speed , altitude, and more thanks to an array of sensors (GPS, accelerometer, gyro). A Bluetooth connection provides additional data by linking to your smartphone, which in turn allows you to access your iPod’s playlist. Included is a wrist worn controller with oversized buttons designed to be used with, what else, gloves.

The asking price is a stomach churning $599. However, for ski bums this just might be the device to have. When it ships the Airwave will include maps to 600 resorts, allowing skiers and snowboarder to see instantly where they’re at, track their friend’s locations, and even keep tabs on their last jump. We’re assuming much of this data is collected and gleaned from the connected handset. That said, anyone using this device will have to carry a smartphone with themselves at all times and be willing to carry the extra weight on their face.

Oakley Airwave HUD Display1

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