Neofit vs Brazyn MORPH: Which Collapsable Foam Roller is More Compact

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Updated June 27, 2022

If you watched Shark Tank this past Sunday, then you no doubt saw Brazyn’s very unique and portable foam roller. Unlike traditional foam rollers, theirs collapses to lay flat, reducing from a 5.5″ diameter to 2″. If your gym equipment includes an exercise ball, you should also take a look at the TorrXL smart ball pump too.

Brazyn Morph Foam Roller
The MORPH foam roller lays flat when not in use.

This makes the Brazyn MORPH foam roller exceptionally compact compared to traditional ones and small enough to fit in a bag. And while the founders told the Sharks there wasn’t anything else like it on the market, they weren’t entirely correct.

Neofit Foam Roller
The Neofit foam roller collapses from 12″ to 4″ making it compact for travel.

Enter the Neofit Roller. It’s currently a Kickstarter campaign, so unlike the Brazyn, you’ll have to wait until 2018 to be able to use it. That said, the Kickstarter community seems to be down with the Neofit Roller, as they’ve already hit their $30,000 goal (and exceeded it by more than $20k) since launching last week.

Unlike the Brazyn offering, the Neofit doesn’t lay flat. Instead it retains its round shape and shrinks from 12″ in length to just 4″. Impressive? We’d say so.

From our perspective, the Neofit’s design seems to be more innovative, at least aesthetically than that of the aforementioned competition. Though the MORPH might be easier to fit in a bag since it’s effectively square when collapsed, which means you can fit more next to it thanks to its flat edges.

Oddly, both offerings support up to 350 lbs, though the MORPH is 14.5″ long, 2″ more than the Neofit. Moreover, both are about equal in weight (1.8 vs 1.6 lbs – the Neofit is heavier).