N1Fit Ab Roller Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Exercise equipment can look pretty nutty, cables and arms stretching in strange ways. Who knows what all of it does—but you know for sure you want to improve your core strength. The simplest way is using the best ab machine, the N1Fit Ab Roller. It takes the braindead task of rolling the wheel in front of you to burn the excess padding in your core.

So, why is it considered the best exercise equipment for ab exercises? Lets find out…

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Why We Like It – N1Fit Ab Roller Review

Spend a few minutes a day with this incredibly small and sturdy ab roller. It doesn’t require a PHD to use, and anyone from beginners to experienced individuals can benefit from its core strengthening properties.

  • Can be used by beginners and experienced
  • Simple design; easy to use
  • Non slip rubber handles
  • Focused on strengthening core
  • Doesn’t include knee pads

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What we liked about the N1Fit Ab Roller the most was how inviting it is to both beginners and experienced individuals. To get started, you grab the handles—preferably on a mat or wearing knee pads—and push the ab roller forward, then back. By doing this over and over, you’re giving your abdominal muscles a nice workout. Yes, it is that easy to use compared to, say, an Ab Doer 360 (which is still easy to use). It was certainly easier on the neck and back than a CAP Barbell was. It should be noted, however, that it only focuses on core strength.


One of the most common mistakes ab rollers can make is being too slippery. There’s nothing worse than sweating, lubricating the handles, and becoming so slippery that you fall on your face. To prevent this, the N1Fit Ab Wheel Roller has non slip handles. The handles themselves are tough; after all, they are stainless steel handles. High quality materials were clearly used to bring together a rather sturdy ab roller kit with a tough wheel design.


For $15, we aren’t going to complain about the N1Fit Ab Roller Wheel’s performance—and it’s cheaper than a Fitnessery Ab Roller of the same type and a CAP Barbell. For what it’s worth, it did exactly what it was sent out to do: be a quick but effective core workout equipment. Is it the best ab workout we’ve had? That reward goes to the Star uno Ab Machine, but the N1Fit definitely fits as an addition to someone’s exercise equipment, not the focus. Just make sure you invest in knee pads or some kind of mat like the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller includes in its bundle.

N1Fit Ab Roller Review Wrap Up

The N1Fit Ab Roller is as simple as it gets. Perhaps not the most effective, but it gets results and that’s why it’s on our list. Not to mention beginners and experienced individuals can get great results from it. And to be safe, you won’t slip either. You should definitely consider grabbing knee pads or a soft mat.

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