Mujjo iPhone 7 Leather Case Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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I bought the first iPhone. And not once did I put it in a case. I’ve continued to buy new iPhones and continued to not use an iPhone case. But if I had, I might consider Mujjo line of new cases. Why? They’re made of leather, include a pocket for a credit card and an ID. And while their first attempts were good, the new ones are folds (pun intended) better. If you want to make sure you’ve got the best iPhone service on the go, you might also want to take a look at our USB plug and play cell phone antenna review. You’ll definitely rather have this case than the world’s ugliest cell phone case ever.

Why? Keep reading my Mujjo iPhone Case review to find out. Compare this with the slightly more dated Mujjo leather wallet iPhone 6 case review to determine which case is best for you. The best iPhone cases have to have the look as well as the protection, after all, no one likes an ugly phone case.


Price: $39.90 – $49.49
Available: Now

What We Liked

  • Smells and feels like real leather
  • Sturdy build (unlike the first iteration)
  • Room for up to 2-3 cards

What We Didn’t

  • Leather quickly marred, albeit slightly
  • Wallet’s edge looked a bit floppy after just a few weeks of use


The Mujjo iPhone cases are available in a few different versions. There are two wallets and one without; just the case. The difference amongst the two wallets is the orientation of the wallet’s pocket; landscape vs portrait. Mine was of the portrait mode, which I prefer as I feel as though there is less card exposed.  Or put another way, more of the card is inserted into the wallet, which in theory means more friction and less of a chance of a card or an ID falling out. Though, after using two cards for weeks at a time, one card still remained in place indicating that the leather didn’t, or doesn’t, stretch out too much. If you want a phone case that doubles as a multi-tool, take a look at the Task One phone case too.

Mujjo iPhone 7 case
Notice the slightly black marring on the corners.

Unlike the first Mujjo cases for the iPhone 6, which I reviewed last year, this one, and all its siblings have been reinforced with a plastic, moulded edge. It makes the case both more rigid, protecting the iPhone against damage if it’s dropped and also more durable.

Durable you say? Indeed I did. You see, Mujjo’s first cases fell apart after just a few weeks of use. The edges would begin to shed their leather and strips would begin to hang off the side of the phone. I wasn’t the only one who experienced this. A friend of mine had the same experience, though to Mujjo’s credit they did replace his case free of charge, though that hardly addressed the issue. And if you happen to own a Samsung galaxy as well, one of these 8 waterproof cases to keep your Samsung Galaxy S4 safe around the pool may come in handy.

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That all being said, there are three colorways to pick from: gray, black and tan. Our units were of the black and tan (black pics coming). Tan seems to show marring more quickly, while the black hides it more effectively, especially at the corners which are often subject to the rigors of removing and placing the iPhone back into a pocket.

And one last note about the moulded edges: while they do add rigidity to the Mujjo case, it does reduce the panache of the leather as it’s effectively a plastic edge.


Thanks to the aforementioned moulded edges, the bevel of the iPhone is fairly well protected, at least in the event of a drop to the floor. It slightly encases the edges of the iPhone, so both the corners and edges of the iPhone are fairly well protected.

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It’s near impossible to quantify this, but I did feel less exposed, or more confident that my iPhone would survive a drop to concrete than without. That being said, the iPhone’s bottom corners are covered, but to a large degree, about 90% of the bottom, is not covered, allowing for the speakers, mic and Lightning port to breathe freely. To that end, the leather does feel very sturdy and protective, yet has retained it’s leather feel and smell, adding a layer of authenticity.


Mujjo iPhone 7 Case Review
The Mujjo cases come in three flavors: two wallets (portrait or landscape pocket) or no pocket.

In the hand I have no quibbles. However, on the ear, that’s another story. The moulded edge, when pressed against an ear for more than a few minutes can cause some pain and make talking on the iPhone 7 uncomfortable. It’s perhaps the biggest caveat of this iPhone case. But alas, I’d prefer sturdiness and protection over call comfort. Though I’d prefer if they could find a balance between the two. But if you make a lot of phone calls, and you don’t use your iPhone 7’s included headphones, you might want to look else where for another case.

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Wrap Up

Comfort issues aside, the Mujjo cases are a big improvement over the first iteration. I’m a purist and own an matte black iPhone 7. Personally, I prefer the naked look of the iPhone 7 to that of the Mujjo case. But to reiterate, I’m a purist and always have been when it comes to brandishing an iPhone.

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