Mesha Electric Inflator Portable Decoration Balloon Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Imagine you’re creating party decorations like a balloon arch, balloon garland, or a balloon column. Now imagine you’re pumping 100 balloons for said birthday party. Your hands would be dead squeezing a hand pump like the Tota 2 Way Action Balloon Pump For Balloons all day. Make the entire process automatic and easy with the best balloon pump: the Mesha Electric Inflator Portable Decoration Balloon. Check out our best toys & games list for more toy options.

Why We Like It – Mesha Electric Inflator Portable Decoration Balloon

One of the best deals on our list: bundled inside is an automatic, electric air balloon pump filler alongside 100 balloons and two additional nozzles.

  • It’s an automatic electric balloon blower
  • Comes with 100 latex balloons
  • Free delivery
  • You cannot inject helium into it
  • Some people are allergic to latex


Taking what would’ve been hours of work and squeezing it into a half an hour is what the Mesha Electric Balloon Inflator Pump Portable did best. Balloon arches, for example, need at least 100 or more balloons. Doing that with a hand pump would take hours. The Mesha Balloon Pump Electric Blower did it in 30 minutes. How? By making the process automatic and inflating two balloons at the same time. Each balloon only took 2-3 seconds to inflate, depending on how big you wanted them, and that’s thanks to its 750 (L/min) inflation rate. What it doesn’t do, however, is use helium.

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The Mesha Electric Balloon Pump Air Inflator Blower was built with a portable design. Starting with weight, it’s only 2.86 lbs. Even your grandma could handle that, especially with the small handle. It’s dimensions are 20 x 15 x 12 so it’s relatively small, too. It has a friendly coloring of rose red with blue accents. To use it, simply press the power switch over to automatic mode or semi-automatic mode and press down on the nozzle to blow air, which is identical to the way the Yofit Portable Electric Inflator Decorations is used.


The MESHA Electric Balloon Inflator Portable Dual Nozzle Electric Air Balloon Pump with Hose Extension and Balloon Tie Tool Filler Air Pump Blower for Party Decoration is an amazing companion to have. This air pump balloon device wasn’t just performing well, it’s also a great deal compared to the IDAODAN Portable Electric Inflator Decorations. Aside from free shipping, packaged inside are two additional nozzles and 100 latex balloons. All you’ll need is a balloon tie tool and you’re good to go! This Mesha Air Pump Inflator Portable is an ideal choice if you want to save yourself the hassle of buying a bunch of balloons; everything you need in one package.

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Mesha Electric Inflator Portable Decoration Balloon Wrap Up

If you’re allergic to latex, we suggest standing clear of the Mesha Electric Inflator Portable Decoration Balloon. For those who aren’t, this automatic electric balloon blow comes with 100 balloons, free delivery, and isn’t short on performance whatsoever. Helium would’ve been nice to have as an alternative, but not necessary. It already does more than its price tag pays for.

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