Mazooka Marshmallow Bazooka Features an Electric Air Compressor, Fires Marshmallows 40-feet

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Updated June 27, 2022

mazooka firing

A marshmallow bazooka, while loved far and wide, is hardly a new or revolutionary toy.  However, the Mazooka Marshmallow Bazooka is the grandaddy of them all.

Instead of manually pumping (and huffing) to fire marshmallows at your foes, this Mazooka features an electric air compressor that is powered by 6 AA batteries and helps fire full-sized marshmallows at up to 40-feet.  That’s easily enough power to cover part of a medium-sized parking lot, or cross the full length of most home swimming pools.

To use the Mazooka you simply chamber a single marshmallow into the barrel, turn on the air compressor, and when the LED indicator in the scope changes from red to green, your pull the trigger button and your confectionary ammo will go firing.  Just keep in mind that the air compressor takes about 5-10 seconds to recharge, so by no accounts is this a rapid fire tool for taking on an onslaught of enemies.  Of note, you can probably stuff a grip of mini-marshmallows into the chamber and achieve a shotgun like effect.

You can buy the Mazooka Marshmallow Bazooka at Vat19 for $50.