The crossbow is one of those devices that changed the course of human history. Using a bow and arrow requires strength, training, skill, and experience, and was often taught from birth. Using a crossbow requires mostly having a crossbow and some arrows; while there’s definitely skill and knowledge involved in using it expertly, you could train a foot soldier to use a crossbow in fifteen minutes, and that changed the face of warfare as it became less about skill and more about the money; the crossbow created the concept of the arms race. Learn all about the best crossbow.

Of course, these days, crossbows are largely used for hunting, but that doesn’t mean, as the M4 Tactical Crossbow demonstrates, that you can’t do it with a little style.

This crossbow is largely designed to feel like it came from a video game, although sadly it doesn’t really resemble the one you can find in Battlefield 3. It’s a pretty cool crossbow, though; at a 180 pound draw, you can fire bolts or ball bearings accurately for up to 82 yards according to manufacturer specifications. It also has plenty of room for attachments: You can add a laser sight or an LED torchlight if you want to feel like you’re about to breach into a room and pick off some targets. Or, you know, take down a deer.

It also comes with a scope, as you’ll probably want to use one; two hundred feet is a heck of a distance to eyeball. The scope is 2 x 32 with LED reticules in both red and green. And, just to ensure that you’re able to aim comfortably, the foregrip is fully adjustable.


True, it’s a bit excessive if you’re just going into the woods to hunt game, but, again, if you’re going to go hunting, you might as well go hunting with a little style.

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