LUUFAN Men’s Genuine Leather Long Wallet Chain Wallet Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Sometimes the best cool wallets give off an aura of sophistication instead of ruggedness. This is hard to find with the Best Chain Wallet, but the LUUFAN Men’s Genuine Leather Long Wallet Chain Wallet pulls it off well with its Italian Leather construction and curvy design.

Why We Like It – LUUFAN Men’s Genuine Leather Long Wallet Chain Wallet

The LUUFAN Men’s Genuine Leather Long Wallet Chain Wallet takes the ruggedness of toughness aesthetic normally associated with chain wallets and flips it on its head, creating a wallet that’s geared towards class. Whether this is a good or bad thing we’ll leave to you to decide. On the other side, you could also go for a slim wallet with extra capacity. More about this wallet is in our Levi’s wallet review.

  • Adds an Aura of Sophistication
  • Spacious Interior
  • Affordable
  • Only One Color
  • No RFID-Technology


The LUUFAN Chain Wallet Engraved Bifold Wallet offers one of the more unique designs we’ve encountered so far. It’s sleek and curved, and rather than add an air of ruggedness, such as the Crazy Horse Leather Wallet or the Dickies Men’s Bifold Chain Wallet, it adds more of an air of sophistication instead.


The LUUFAN is constructed with 100% Italian Full Grain Cowhide Leather which is not only durable, but comfortable too. The wallet is also bigger than most other chain wallets, and the curved design makes a nice handgrip. Unfortunately, it only comes in the one color, an off-brown, so consider the Levi’s Men’s Trifold Wallet if you want some variety.


One noticeable omission from the LUUFAN Wallet is the lack of RFID-Technology. It’s not mainstream in wallets yet, but it soon will be. And considering it helps prevent the theft of your personal information, I welcome it. If this is important to you, consider the Itslife Men’s RFID BLOCKING Brown Bifold Vintage Hand Made Leather/Metal Chain Wallet instead.


This is where the extra size of the wallet comes in handy. It has enough room inside for 15 card slots for your credit card and a cash compartment that’s large enough to hold your bills without having to hold them and can even fit an iPhone 7 inside comfortably. These are the kinds of specs we would expect to see from a Checkbook Wallet! The most minimalistic card and cash holding gadgets is the money clip. For an elegant option that you can get in elegant black aluminum, stainless with black carbon fiber, or in any other design and color, check out the M clip aluminum money clip.


The wallet holds positive reviews on Amazon, scoring a respectable 4.5/5 stars based on a whopping 1,130 reviews. And at under $30.00, it’s also very affordable compared to a lot of wallets out there. The chain is also extra long, at almost 20 inches, and hooks onto your belt loop very easily and making it much harder for thieves.

LUUFAN Men’s Genuine Leather Long Wallet Chain Wallet Wrap Up

While there are some missteps with the LUUFAN Men’s Genuine Leather Long Wallet Chain Wallet, it’s very affordable price tag will make anybody’s head turn. And if you’re looking to make other people’s head’s turn, this is the wallet to do it in.

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