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As much as window air conditioners may be an old type of HVAC system, they are still one of the simplest air conditioning solutions that you can rely on, and also one of the most effective. All you have to do is mount one on the window, and you’ll be able to guarantee yourself a cool and comfortable living space. An example of a good quality air conditioner that you may find works pretty well for you if you have a large living space would be the LG LW1816ER 18000 BTU window air conditioner. Whether or not it could be classified as the best LG air conditioner for you will depend on your needs, but if you have a room that’s no larger than 1000 square feet, it should do pretty well. Go ahead and get to the end of this review to find out more about it, and hopefully compare it to some of the most popular air conditioners available today.

Why We Like It – LG LW1816ER

The LG LW1816ER is a perfect example of what a window air conditioner should be, and with capabilities such as 4-way deflection and 3 cooling fan speeds, it’s got just the right amount of versatility to ensure that your space remains cool and well-ventilated. If you need a unit for a smaller room, check out our Midea 10000 BTUs review, which is ideal for rooms about 450 sq. ft.

  • 4 Way Air Deflection
  • 3 Cooling & Fan speeds
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Not moveable


At 18000 BTU, the LG LW1816ER air conditioner is pretty powerful, and this is what makes it perfect for areas that are up to 1000 sq ft. If you’d rather have smart functionality rather than a stronger colling power, then the LG LW1517IVSM is more recommendable. If you have a smaller space to clean, you probably don’t need a unit with such a high BTU rating. Even the best 10000 BTU air conditioner can cool down your smaller space. Back to our review, the LG LW1816ER AC unit features 3 cooling and fan speeds that you can pick on to control the temperature of your space, and with 4-way air deflection, you’ll also be able to control the direction of airflow. The one disadvantage that you’ll have to make do with if you choose to purchase this air conditioner is the fact that it is not portable. You won’t be able to move it into a different room. If you’d rather have a smaller, portable unit instead, then perhaps the LG LP1419IVSM might be of interest. If you’re looking for a much larger capacity unit, we know you will find the LG LW2217IVSM very favorable, owing to its 22,000 BTU rating.

Energy Efficiency

In regards to energy efficiency, you shouldn’t expect to have your electricity bill run out of control with the LG LW1816ER, as it comes with features such as an energy saver mode, and a programmable 24-Hour On/Off timer that you can use to automatically control when it should run and when it shouldn’t. The LG air conditioner isn’t energy star certified, but if you’re shopping for a unit that is, then maybe the LG LW1017ERSM would be more of a good pick for you.


Like most air conditioners, the LG LW1816ER AC unit does feature washable filters that prevent any harmful air particles such as dust and pollen from getting into the filter. This is essential since it helps clean up the air, and keep your living space fresh. The air conditioner features easy access slide-out filters that are pretty easy to handle, so you really shouldn’t require any professional assistance in doing so yourself.


The LG LW1816ER will probably serve you for a long time before it begins having any kind of problems, and if it does right after purchase, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact the customer service team at LG. This is well within the bounds of the 1-year warranty that the LG air conditioner comes with, but with proper maintenance, you should expect its lifespan to stretch well over just one year.


Just like the LG LG LP0818WNR, this LG LW1816ER air conditioner also features a remote control to allow for convenient operation, and an easy installation kit so that it doesn’t take long to assemble. If you don’t consider yourself a handy person though, it’ll be best if you call a professional to install it for you.

LG LW1816ER Wrap Up

With many window air conditioners on the market, it can be very difficult to figure out what the best options for you may be. The few things that you want to keep in mind that may guide you into landing on the right choice include energy efficiency, cooler coverage, and cooling power.

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