LEGO Winter Village Bakery 10216 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The LEGO Winter Village Bakery, though containing fewer pieces, is a smartly designed set that will challenge your ability to craft a LEGO set. It’s also a rare set and already well above the $300 point on Amazon which is a collector’s worst nightmare. Check out our list of best LEGO sets to find the right one for you.

Why We Like It – LEGO Winter Village Bakery 10216

In an interesting turn of events, the LEGO Winter Village Bakery has taken a more minimalist approach than its cousins, the LEGO Winter Village Post Office and the LEGO Winter Village Toy Shop. Despite this, the Bakery is a more challenging set to build which should provide great entertainment and a sense of accomplishment once you complete it.

  • Challenging Set to Build
  • Variety of Colourful Pieces
  • Beautiful Minimalist Design
  • Far less pieces than other sets
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Expensive

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Despite being 200 pieces short of the average for winter village sets the bakery seems like a harder set to build than the post office and the toy shop which, to be honest, is interesting. The set is quite colourful, though, so it’s easy to use the included pieces in your own creations. It comes with an abundance of dark red pieces, which is fantastic considering how rare they are, and an abundance of tiles and large plates. If you can’t get over the pieces, though, try the LEGO Star Wars Death Star 10188 for its 3,803 pieces of goodness.

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The LEGO Winter Village Bakery comes with 687 pieces. Compare this with the 815 pieces in the toy shop or the 822 pieces in the post office and this can be a little concerning. But the Winter Village Bakery does come with a light brick, which is a fun, added surprise. However, it does come with the dreaded sticker sheet (though it is small). If you absolutely hate sticker sheets and refuse to have them in your set, try the Star Wars Republic Frigate 7964.


The LEGO Winter Village, like many of the other winter village sets, especially the Winter Village Toy Shop, is another hard to find set that will eventually increase in value. In fact, the Village Bakery is already listed an Amazon for $350, a good $150 above the Toy Shop. This might rub some people the wrong way considering the 200 less pieces in this set but for collectors this is a pict-it-up-now moment. If collecting isn’t your thing and you just want to build something for the challenge, try the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 7965.

LEGO Winter Village Bakery 10216 Wrap Up

The LEGO Winter Village Bakery is an engaging set that will challenge your cognitive abilities and require your utmost concentration. Go for it if that’s your thing. If you’re a collector and want it for display and resale value sometime in the future it would be wise to start picking them up now.

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