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The KUYOU Baseball glove Catchers Leather is ideal for teaching 7 – 13 year old children the fundamentals of baseball or introducing them to catch as it comes with a training ball. Customers have found that it may not survive a season of play as this catcher’s mitt is built from synthetic leather. If you’re looking for intermediate baseball gloves, feel free to check out our list of the best baseball gloves.

Why We Like It – KUYOU Baseball Glove Catchers Leather

The KUYOU Baseball Glove Catchers Leather is an affordable option for seven to thirteen year old children as they learn baseball at home and comes with a training ball. The faux fur lining and hand-formed pocket make for a comfortable mitt to engender a love of America’s favorite pastime.

  • Includes a training ball.
  • Boasts a hand-formed pocket.
  • Sports a faux fur lining.
  • Durability.
  • Offers little padding.


This catcher’s mitt offers little padding and most likely will not last a full season’s worth of play. The KUYOU is crafted from synthetic leather, namely PVC, which lends to its flexibility but is more suited to catch or at-home practice than the sandlot. A more durable option for adult customers would be the Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove offering dual welting for a more durable pocket, and with two times the base of its netting, to say nothing of its Pro Stock leather.


Critics of the KUYOU Baseball Gloves have noted that the adjustable straps do little to assist if it happens to be too small for you or your child’s hand – although the faux-fur lining does aid in the comfort of this catcher’s mitt. The Franklin Sports baseball glove may be a better alternative for those getting started given its price point and is our top pick, especially for youth gloves, although it is a baseball glove rather than a catcher’s mitt. The basket-weave webbing is in its favor, however, offering more control and a wider surface area.


KUYOU has produced a marginally cheaper catcher’s mitt than most competitors can, though you get what you pay for. The synthetic leather and lack of padding can make for a rougher start, especially for the seven to thirteen year old market it is geared toward. The Rawlings Renegade Baseball gloves are a great fit for those on a budget for its superior padding and the variety of positions that allow new players to get their start regardless of age.

KUYOU Baseball Glove Catchers Leather Wrap Up

As catcher’s mitts go, the KUYOU Baseball Glove and Catchers Leather would best serve novices or those who aren’t ready to commit to the sport. The synthetic leather and inclusion of a practice ball make for a great litmus test in gauging interest, but this catcher’s mitt will need replacement if the sport is something you or your child want to pursue.

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