K2 Amp Aftershock 86 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you want to hit the slopes in a variety of snow conditions, the K2 AMP Aftershock is a fantastic choice. These skis come with an all-terrain rocker and Marker MX 14.0 Bindings, and a waist width of 86mm. Intermediate and advanced users will all be able to use these skis. They even made our best skis list because of their versatility.

Why We Like It – K2 Amp Aftershock 86

The K2 A.M.P. Aftershock 86 mountain skis are a versatile set that can be used for all terrains including soft snow, hard snow, and carve trenches. It comes with an elevated tip and tail and has excellent build quality. These K2 A.M.P. skis offer a high-performance suspension system.

  • Ideal for many conditions
  • All-terrain rocker
  • Good build quality
  • A bit pricey
  • Maybe too wide for some people
  • Average turn radius

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The AMP Aftershock 86 skis have excellent performance. They feature an all-terrain rocker with a rocker in the tip and camber underfoot. It also comes with MOD and MOD Monic systems dampen vibrations and delivers a smooth ride in bumpy conditions. The turn radius of these K2 Aftershock skis is on the medium side at 17 meters and should be adequate for most users. They come as standard with Marker MX12.0 bindings. Another set of skis with brilliant performance is the Elan Amphibio 84Ti.


The A.M.P. Aftershock skis have a fantastic design and look great. The core is made from an Aspen and Paulownia core covered with two sheets of metal laminate sandwiched between fiberglass. To cap it off are Hybritech sidewalls. All these characteristics make these Aftershock skis strong, yet lightweight. The all-terrain rocker also assists with stability in softer conditions. As far as the looks are concerned, these A.M.P Aftershock skis are stylish with a white, blue, and bright yellow color scheme. If you’re looking for another all-around performer, check out the Rossignol Experience 88.


These skis don’t come cheap, but they have a lot going for them to justify the price. They have great build-quality with the wood core providing a natural feel, and the other layers ensuring that you are comfortable and insulated from any bumps you may encounter on the slopes. The design of the K2 A.M.P also means that you can turn easily. They are also ideal for both intermediate, and advanced users, and suitable for various terrains. These skis offer great value for money, just like the K2 Pinnacle 95.

K2 Amp Aftershock 86 Wrap Up

The K2 Amp Aftershock 86 mountain skis are versatile and can be used by both amateurs and pros in a wide range of terrains. They also have great build quality and should last for a long time. They may be a bit more expensive than some of the rivals, but they deliver when it comes to quality.

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