How to Test a Gaming Headset

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Updated February 11, 2023

Understanding how to test a gaming headset keeps you on top when playing competitive games. Even if you’re just playing your favorite game with friends, testing for mic and sound quality always helps.


  • For balanced audio, make sure to set the audio levels correctly. To do this, check the settings for your sound profiles and ensure 3D audio is on.
  • Next, make sure your computer doesn’t use the internal microphone for voice recordings or chat. Then use the “Mic Monitoring” to test for chat balance.
  • Both wired and wireless headsets must go through a series of tests before usage. This ensures you won’t run into problems while using headsets for gaming.

Using the best gaming headset in your price range goes a long way. Still, you’ll need to run a few tests to ensure you have excellent sound and crisp chat.

Is it Necessary to Test Headsets for Gaming?

You should always test for sound quality, as well as mic quality. Otherwise, you might miss out on sound effects, positional audio, and more.

Whether using wired or wireless gaming headsets, always run tests for audio quality before gaming. This ensures balanced sound throughout your entire experience.

How to Test Your Headsets for Gaming

There are a few ways to make sure your mic and audio quality fit both casual and competitive games. Any video game you play is made better by a richer sound and crisp chat audio.

Beyond testing, learning how to take good care of your gaming headset will help keep audio quality top-notch for far longer.

Insider Tip

The HyperX Cloud Stinger headphones have fantastic sound levels for their price.

Testing for Audio Performance


To access audio controls, right-click on the sound icon and open “Sound Settings.” Ensure that your wireless or wired headset is the default under “Audio Devices.”


From there, right-click on the sound icon again and pick “Spatial Sound.” Make sure that virtual surround sound is on so you can get the most out of 3D sound effects.


Once you turn on the 3D sound and perfect the powerful sound levels.

Testing for Microphone Quality


Open up the same audio settings panel as you did to check overall audio performance. Make sure your computer isn’t using the internal microphone. If it is, switch from the internal microphone to your wired or wireless headsets.


From there, use the “Mic Monitoring” system that’s built into Windows to test your microphone. You can also troubleshoot issues using the button underneath this section. You can also reduce the gaming headset sensitivity of the mic to ensure your friends won’t get as much background noise.


For a comprehensive walkthrough on achieving high microphone quality, read our article on how to test your gaming headset microphone. Now that your headset is set up for gaming, you can learn how to turn on the gaming headset LED light if your model has it.


Be careful when using the headphone jack since the rough insertion of an audio cable can cause damage.


What should I look for in budget gaming headsets?

A budget headset is excellent for those who need an affordable price. There are a few qualities all budget gaming headsets should have:

  • Reasonable hours of battery life for quality audio
  • Lightweight design for a higher comfort level
  • Inclusion of Dolby Atmos technology if possible

Is a wired or wireless option better for gaming?

What matters is the individual traits. Always choose comfortable designs, like over-ear headphones. Premium headsets will also provide better quality than cheaper headsets and have a more stylish design.

What are the best headsets for gaming?

That depends on what you need out of your headsets for gaming. Here are a few contenders:

  • HyperX Cloud Stinger
  • SteelSeries Arctis Pro
  • Razer Kraken
  • Turtle Beach Elite

Can I use my comfy headset with a headphone jack on mobile devices?

Whether you’re using the HyperX Cloud Stinger or the SteelSeries Arctis Pro, you absolutely can. While they don’t have the most reasonable price for this purpose, it’s possible.

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