How to Get Water Out of Phone Speakers

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Updated February 10, 2023

It’s a terrible sinking feeling watching your phone plunge into a sink, puddle, or toilet bowl. Unfortunately, even the best speakers and top Bluetooth speakers can be susceptible to water damage. But take heart, because below we’ll show you how to get water out of phone speakers and keep those speakers clean. And you won’t need a bowl of basmati, jasmine, valencia, or any other type of uncooked rice. And, since the rice method won’t be used, you’ll need to know where the speaker is on your iPhone.


  • Modern phones can self-eject water from speakers by using sound frequencies.
  • Depending on your phone’s manufacturer, you may have a built-in application to eject water.
  • Go to the app store to download an app or YouTube to find a video that produces the proper frequency for other phones.

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How Do I Get Water Out of My Speakers?

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Sometimes, the built-in function is more generally called a “Speaker Cleaner” capability.

Removing water droplets from your phone’s mobile speaker can be easy if you act fast. It’s easier than removing water from a large device like the XLEADER Sound Angel Bluetooth speaker. Thankfully, water exposure is becoming less of a problem with modern phones, but untreated liquid damage can still severely damage even the newest phones.

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Check your phone for a speaker cleaner function. Many manufacturers have built-in ways to remove water from phone speakers. So, go to your settings and search for the “water eject” function. This function plays loud sound frequencies that push the water out of the internal components.


If your phone doesn’t have this function, go to an app store and download a water eject app or go on Youtube and find a video that emits the same frequencies.


Commence the cleaning process. After hitting start, let the process go until finished.


Go to a music app and play a song at average volume to see if you can detect any signs of water in the speakers.


Sometimes, the frequency isn’t enough to push the water pressure out of the speaker. If the speaker still doesn’t work, you’ll need to have it serviced.


No phone is truly waterproof and can only handle contact with water for so long before breaking.


Does putting your phone in rice grains work?

This “trick” has been proven false many times over. However, some loyal supporters of this falsehood insist that it works.

What if I drop my phone in water that’s not fresh?

Dropping a phone in salt water, dirty water, or chemical water might lead to additional damage to your phone.

Is it okay to use a hairdryer to fix my phone after dropping it in the water?

Doing this is a bad idea and can further damage your phone by pushing the water further into the speaker.

STAT: Most of the latest Samsung and iPhones have an IP rating (which measures water resistance) of 68. This rating means it can be submerged in 6-meters of water for up to 30 minutes and be fine. (source)

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