Gregory Baltoro 75 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’ve ever wondered about going hiking or backpacking with all the stuff you need without putting too much of a pressure on your shoulders, then you’ll be happy to know about the Gregory Baltoro 75. It comes with a number of different belts and straps for the best weight distribution and paired with the A3 suspension system you can walk with ease even with the backpack on your back. And so, with all that as well as the durability to last you through years of use, the Gregory Baltoro 75 is one of the best pieces of outdoor gear you can get.

Why We Like It – Gregory Baltoro 75

Making heavy backpacking a whole lot easier, the Gregory Baltoro 75 comes with a whole bunch of features allowing you to take more without compromising too much of your comfort. The A3 response suspension system paired with the different belts as well as numerous pockets make sure you have everything you need within your reach.

  • A3 Suspension System
  • Durable frame and build
  • Good number of pockets
  • Not so affordable


Starting off with the A3 suspension system, you get independently moving shoulder belts as well as 2 independently moving fins of the hip belt. Thus with that and the sternum strap as well as the shoulder straps you’ll have three different harnesses as well as 5 different hip belt sizes to pair with that. This will make sure that the weight is distributed nicely enough to not cause too much of a pressure on your shoulders, allowing you to carry heavy weights with greater ease.

Moreover, the Gregory Baltoro 75 also comes with padding on the hip belt as well as the shoulder straps which provides you with greater comfort in longer journeys.This paired with the lumbar pad and the back panel allows you to have the bag properly positioned behind you for the best possible weight distribution. Now, moving onto the pockets, you get two pockets on the hip belt itself, one being a mesh pocket and the other a waterproof one. The waterproof hipbelt pocket is TPU-coated and acts as a weather shield making for a pretty good place to store your phone or other electronic devices for quick and safe access.

The main compartment is zippered in the form of a U-shape and has enough space to store most of your belongings and also has a divider between itself and the lower compartment to make for more room. Apart from that, there is a sleeping bag compartment in the bottom of the bag as well as a side water bottle holster and big bellow pockets on each side. You can tuck in the pocket when you’re not using it and paired with the hydration sleeve inside you can have drinking tubes attached on either side of this great pack.

Furthermore, there are two zipped pockets beside the top lid which along with the internal pocket allows for easy access to multi day and valuable accessories.
As for ventilation and durability, the Gregory Baltoro 75 includes a back panel full of openings unlike the version from years ago and a rain cover for weather protection when needed. The internal aluminum frame also provides the Gregory Baltoro 75 with much better durability than most backpacks. ”


Coming three different sizes (S,M,L) for different torso lengths and a capacity of 71 to 79 litres, the Gregory Baltoro 75 will be comfortable for almost anyone with more than enough space to carry everything. With the fabric being high quality Polyester, Nylon and padding throughout the backpack you won’t have to worry about comfort or durability. Aside from that, in terms of style you get a colour choice between Blue, Black and Red unlike the wide range of choice offered by the MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag, you’ll have a bit of choice in terms of looks, but in the end that doesn’t matter as much during heavy backpacking.


Priced at about $330 on their official page, the bag may seem expensive compared to other outdoor gears like the Intex Excursion Pro Kayak and the Ecotek Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad, but may be worth it for those actually wanting something capable of carrying heavy weights. The hipbelt pockets and the different forms of suspension make it worth the price as you don’t have to worry about any form of shoulder or back pain, and so for those looking to go hiking, camping or just backpacking somewhere and thinking of taking a lot of things or a pretty heavy weight overall, the Gregory Baltoro 75 will definitely be a great value purchase.

Gregory Baltoro 75 Wrap Up

WIth a pretty high price tag you get yourself a premium and well built backpack that includes A3 suspension as well as the three different types of harnesses which make sure you have the correct weight distribution across your muscles, the Gregory Baltoro 75 is not your standard backpack. It includes a whole bunch of pockets including a waterproof one and those for quick access to valuables as well as hydration sleeves to make for quick and easy hydration during a walk. And so with that and the durability as well as the overall design, the Gregory Baltoro 75 will make for one of the best pieces of outdoor gear one can get right now.

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