Goplus Fitness Trainer Review

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Updated June 1, 2023
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Not everyone has the money, nor the room to invest in home gyms; instead, let’s focus on something anyone can use: the Goplus Fitness Trainer. In just a handful of minutes a day, you too can see results in your core area, making this the best ab machine for those who have little time to spare everyday.

Why We Like It – Goplus Fitness Trainer

Challenge your core a few minutes a day with this ab fitness crunch workout machine. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and is suitable for any experience level, beginner to expert.

  • For any skill level
  • Strengthens core
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Limited use
  • Doesn’t fold


Strengthening the core was straightforward with the Goplus Fitness Trainer. It isn’t pulling anything fancy or putting you in awkward positions in an attempt to impress you. Its purpose is simple: putting your core to research. It was far easier to perform crunches and sit-ups with this workout machine as it kept us from moving. When sit-ups are finished, you can flip the machine upside down to perform push ups.

Unfortunately, it’s limited in exercise methods. You have a choice between: crunches, side crunches, raised leg crunches, and push ups. The CAP Barbell has the same limited exercise opportunities. They’re near identical.


Part of the Goplus Fitness Trainer’s success is its material. Through the use of steel, Goplus has created a very sturdy and durable workout machine. In fact, it’s so sturdy that it can handle a weight capacity of up to 225 pounds. It was easy to put one together, using thumb screws to tighten the separate pieces together. You’ll have it ready in a few minutes. Unfortunately, the Goplus Fitness Trainer does not fold, though it is much easier to store than an Ab Doer 360.


When comparing the Goplus Fitness Trainer to the Star Uno Ab Machine, the Goplus Fitness Trainer appears a tad overpriced. You’re getting far more out of the Star Uno Ab Machine than you are the Goplus Fitness Trainer; in fact, the way the Star Uno Ab Machine is designed allows it for more flexibility than the Goplus Fitness Trainer, and it does that at the same price. If you want a miniature home gym, the Star Uno Ab Machine is your best option.

Goplus Fitness Trainer Wrap Up

The Goplus Fitness Trainer has limited exercise opportunities, nor does it fold. But in return you get a workout machine that can strengthen and improve your core in a handful of ways with just a few minutes out of your day. It’s durable and sturdy, and open accommodating to any skill level.

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