Goodee Projector Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

When you want to project far and large, the Goodee Projector would be our go-to as the best outdoor projector. It isn’t overly complicated to use, relatively compact, and has solid picture quality. Its greatest strength is providing a large 230-inch screen from as far as 18 feet, an ideal feature for an at-home theater.

Why We Like It – Goodee Projector

Large and in charge is what the Goodee Projector attempts to accomplish, seen by its incredibly long projection distance of up to 18 feet, providing a huge 230-inch screen to enjoy Netflix and gaming.

  • Projection distance of 18 feet
  • Large, 230-inch screen size
  • Good contrast ratio
  • Not true 1080p
  • Lacks Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Performance & Resolution

It might support 1080p, but the Goodee Projector taps out at 1280 by 768, so it isn’t true 1080p—not like the Epson Home Cinema 3700 Projector which supports full HD, though it’s still an HD video projector. The real magic is its ability to project that image and stretch it to a 230-inch screen without much loss of image quality. In fact, its contrast ratio is actually three times higher than average, clocking in at 3000:1. But, you’ll want to compare the GooDee video projector vs Vankyo if you’d like more specs info.

Brightness & Lumens

Contrast ratio is also supported by the bright lumens packed into the Goodee Projector. At 4000 lumens, it’s going to be fantastic during a nighttime movie, and still great even in the daytime.

Adjustability & Viewing Angles

It just so happens the Goodee Projector is also pretty flexible with viewing angles and adjustability, too. You can project the image from between 4.9 to 18 feet, with the optimal setting being between 8-12 feet. If you’re in a situation where the projector is not directly facing the wall, you can use keystone adjustments of 15 degrees on either side.


Mostly made of black plastic, the Goodee Movie Projector has a matte black finish. It’ll be far less susceptible to smudges and fingerprints. More importantly, its lamp life is rated at 50,000 hours, so it’s going to take several years before you ever need to think of a replacement bulb. The cooling system, in particular, is nice, with its aerodynamically constructed vents placed on the sides. At the back is your choice of HDMI ports (HDMI cable included), VGA AV, and a few USB ports, plus a remote control.


Is the Goodee LED Projector worth its price? It has near-identical specs to the TMY V08 720P Native Projector, but with a 2.3 times larger screen size—so, if you need something huge, this would be the one. It has solid image quality, projects a huge screen, and has a long shelf life. However, if image quality is a concern of yours, like 4K resolution, then we suggest the BenQ TK850 Projector.

Goodee Projector Wrap Up

The Goodee Projector hits a few bullet points that make it worthy to consider. It may not be true 1080p, but 720p is still good and it has a great contrast ratio. What matters most is how large of a screen it projects, from the distance it does. Sometimes you just want a nice, 230-inch screen.

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