Get the iHere 3.0 Tracking Device for over 50% off in the Gadget Review Shop

No doubt you’ve already read best GPS trackers for kids, this will help in a similar way.

If you are looking for a tracking device like the Spot Gen3 you’ll like the tracker below. It has a lot of great features.

There is truly no worse nightmare than desperately rushing out the door when you’re running late and scrambling like crazy to find your keys. Where on earth did you last put them? It’s wildly stressful and yet happens so often to everyone. Luckily there is a blessed solution. The iHere GPS tracking device is available now for 54% off and with that in your corner, getting out the door will become a breeze. Never lose your keys, phone, or wallet again. Hear that little beep sound? It’s exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Simply hook the little metal chip onto any item that you lose all the time, AKA everything. Download the app onto your phone and when, inevitably, you can’t find that darned set of keys, just open the app and the device alarm will sound, alerting you to the exact spot of your item. The signal tracks up to seventy five feet away so even if you left something at the neighbor’s house, you’ll hear it. There’s even a separation alert which will make noise when you’re in the act of leaving something behind. It all charges up via USB and that battery lasts for weeks.

No more calling your phone to find it, only to realize it’s on silent. This is a new and way calmer era of getting out the front door on time. The device is running for 54% off right now and even includes a remote control shutter to snap pictures. It’s super lightweight and works with any household item. Check out the link below for more details.

Buy Now – $23

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  1. So…to use this you download an app on your phone?…yet they mention “No more calling your phone to find it, only to realize it’s on silent.”…..

    How would this device stop that? When I need to be using an app on my phone to use it?…

    Would also be curious to see how well this actually works. I bought a set of high powered key-finders to try help find my pets who were new to the city with 100ft range to try make sure they were nearby and safe… they sometimes wouldn’t even work with the remote and receiver side by side.. an item like this needs to work all the time, or at least most the time or else the potential item you are looking for may send you out searching far and wide for no reason… how frustrating would it be to feel something is outside the range and send you hunting just to find it was under a cushion within the house or something the whole time!?!?….

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