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Updated: Feb 14, 2024 11:31 AM
gaming router vs normal guide

Suppose you’re shopping for a premium router. In that case, you may wonder about the difference between a gaming router vs a normal router. While they are both designed to get you online, they can differ in network prioritization, speed, and design.

It’s easy to assume that standard routers are no different from routers for gaming. In truth, a high-end gaming router does more than offer an internet connection. Additionally, if you have wondered what do gaming routers do, we have a page explaining their benefits.

Key Takeaways_

  • Gaming routers offer advanced features like QoS (Quality of Service) to prioritize your network bandwidth for a lag-free gaming experience.
  • Standard routers offer dual-band connectivity and many of the gaming-specific models’ features.
  • If you are a gaming professional, you may consider a gaming router. That said, most users will not notice a considerable difference in speed or performance.

The wireless speed required for a lag-free experience is much faster than what traditional routers can offer. So, if you’re wondering what internet-connected device wins in the gaming router vs a regular one debate, read this guide.

Conventional Router and Gaming Router Comparison

Unlike comparing Wireless-G and Wireless-N routers or 5GHz WiFi vs Ethernet for gaming, there isn’t an obvious winner between regular Wi-Fi routers and gaming routers.

While any modern router has enough internet speed for basic wireless connectivity, you may experience network lag if numerous devices are on your Wi-Fi router.

Comparison Between Gaming Routers and Standard Routers

The most significant benefit of a gaming router is the QoS feature, which prioritizes your gaming traffic to cut through network congestion.

That said, most online games experience faster speeds through a wired connection, regardless of which wireless router you use.

insider tip

Do not overload a dual-band router by only using a single band. For example, place bandwidth-intensive tasks on the 5GHz band and use the 2.4GHz band for smart appliances or simple web browsing.

A wireless router

The typical router offers gigabit ethernet over an ethernet connection, and many offer multiple GHz bands like 2.4 and 5GHz. In addition, a high-end router, even if it isn’t a gaming model, should deliver good download speeds and enough bandwidth for a multi-user home.

And if you don’t care about a gaming-specific router but want a consistent and reliable connection, you can also check out the top-rated wired routers.

High-Speed Internet Connection

A gaming wireless router

While a gaming model will offer faster speeds than a budget router, you won’t notice a huge difference with a router like the ASUS RT-AC86U.

That said, some gaming routers provide a mode for gaming that gives network priority to your gaming connection.

STAT: According to a 2018 US Census Bureau survey, 81% of rural households have an active internet subscription. (source)

If you want consistently fast wireless connections through an extensive or crowded network, read our guide to a mesh Wi-Fi system vs. a regular router.

Online Gaming Performance

Your subscription level with your internet service provider is the most significant factor for any online activity. That said, some routers are better suited for gaming’s bandwidth usage.

If you are a power user, your online gaming experience might benefit from a gaming-specific router.

More Affordable Option

Buying a Wi-Fi 6 router will deliver more than enough performance for gamers. Most modern routers offer dual-band gigabit speeds, prioritizing your network without QoS.


Remember to upgrade your router’s security firmware. If not, you and your network are at risk of software viruses and hackers.

In addition, you’ll save money by going with a plain but powerful router that doesn’t try to sell the gamer aesthetic.

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