Flybird Adjustable Bench Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Are you looking for a bench to lift weights and exercise at home? Something affordable and capable at the same time? Well you’re in luck because the Flybird Adjustable Bench is not only versatile in terms of performance, also comes with a solid yet durable design, which won’t disappoint you. And so, paired with the pretty great price, the Flybird Adjustable Bench may just be one of the exercise equipment today!

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Why We Like It – Flybird Adjustable Bench

A wide range of sitting positions which are all easy to adjust between, easy set up and stowing process as well as a pretty good weight capacity all come together in this pretty affordable but still capable bench for exercising. The Flybird Adjustable Bench allows you to workout and build up on your muscles with ease with its comfortable design. And so, offering that, and all the space you need, it may just make for one of the best lifting benches out there.

  • Adjustable seat position
  • Comfortable seating area
  • Solid and Durable build
  • Height limit can be frustrating for tall people

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Starting off with the flexibility of the Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench, you get 3 different seat positions along with 7 different back positions thanks to the wide bench design as well as the adjustable back pad positions. You can change the incline decline of the back pad to give you a full body workout, pinpointing in whichever muscle you want, with the multiple exercises that you can do with it.

Moreover, the Flybird Bench comes with a wide enough sitting area to allow you to focus on your workout without having to worry about losing your sitting position. The heavy-duty commercial quality steel frame is also pretty solid, giving the Flybird Adjustable Bench quite a bit of durability in terms of use, however, it wouldn’t be the best fit for you gym owners out there as the max weight capacity of 620lbs and a maximum user height capacity of 6 and a half Inches wouldn’t be the best fit for tall people, but for anyone who falls within this range, the FlyBird workout bench may just be a perfect fit.

Moving onto the set up process of the Flybird Adjustable Bench, you can use it as the center for your home gym with the simple assembly process which takes about 30 minutes according to many customers due to the fact that it comes mostly assembled in the safe packaging. You simply attach the footrest to the bench with the hinge bolt and after checking the pre-tight screws you can have yourself the perfect workout bench at home. Additionally, if you’re worried about it taking up too much space, you’ll be glad to know that the Flybird Adjustable Bench can also be folded up to temporarily store away when you don’t need it.


Measuring to have assembled dimensions of 42.9 Inch L x 15.7Inch W x 44.5 Inch H and a weight of about 27lbs, the Flybird Adjustable Bench may seem to take up much space in your home, but being a foldable bench it can easily be stowed away when not needed which is a huge benefit for you. As for the comfortability offered by the Flybird bench, it is pretty great compared to other weight benches thanks to the 2-Inch layer of foam padding under the leather which makes sure you can stay completely focused with your workout.


Costing you about $175, the Flybird Adjustable Bench is a great value product considering it’s durability and the flexibility it offers both in and out of workout. You can pack it up when you don’t need it and just as easily set it up thanks to the foldable bench design. Moreover, you may also get free shipping from amazon com which can be a pretty great deal for many of you out there. Overall, it’s a great value for anyone who meets the weight and height limit of the Flybird Adjustable Bench, but if not which is if you’re considerably taller, getting yourself something else might be more worth it.

Flybird Adjustable Bench Wrap Up

Offering you a good amount of flexibility with the variety of seat and back positions, Flybird Adjustable Bench allows you to do a number of different exercises, getting fitter and building up your strength on your desired muscle much more easily. It also offers a pretty simple set up process and also an easy stowing process with the foldable design. And so with all of that, a good range of weight capacity and height limit for most people as well as a pretty good price, it may just be one of the best additions to your home gym, or the start of one.

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