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Eco-glide Smart Self Balance Scooter Review

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Very few segways on our list can tackle rough terrain. Maybe some bumps here and there, but primarily meant for sidewalks and roads. Others aren’t driving as fast as we’d like. The Eco-glide Smart Self Balance Scooter solves both of those problems with a max speed of 14 mph and thick terrain tires. It’s one of the best segways on our list, if you’ve got the money.

Why We Like It – Eco-glide Smart Self Balance Scooter Review

If you’re heading into rough terrain and steep inclines, but still want a top speed, this segway is a champion. Equipped with thick terrain tires and a top speed of 14mph, you won’t even notice it.

  • Top speed of 14 miles per hour
  • Ideal for rough terrain and steep inclines
  • Very sturdy design
  • Abysmal charge time
  • Expensive


Roads and sidewalks are fun, but rough terrain can be a joy with the right machine. The Eco-glide Smart Self Balance Scooter uses thick terrain tires to handle said roughness, with the ability to climb 35 degree inclines. Battery life is some of the best we’ve seen, capable of handling 27 to 34 mile range twice as far as most segways. To put that in perspective, you can drive at its top speed of 14mph for about 2 hours straight. Using a Samsung certified battery (84v lithium) was a great choice. Charge time, however, is abysmal. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to fully charge.


Compared to other segways on our list, the Eco Glide Smart Self Balance Road Personal Transporter is certainly built to withstand some strange terrain. This is seen with its incredibly thick terrain tires, supported by a very sturdy footing for your feet, which is connected to a hand control twice as thick as a AUBESTKER Handlebar Kickstand Kit. Its hardy design matches the performance it puts out, by making the Segway Ninebot S look like a toy in comparison. If you want additional stability and comfort while riding a Segway MiniPRO, check out our Segway minipro handlebar review.


Now let’s talk value. Is the Eco-glide Smart Self Balance Scooter Personal Transporter worth $2,500? It depends on what you’re using it for; after all, that’s the price of a decent vehicle. For the average person who wants to enjoy a nice day on their segway, they’re better off picking a Segway MiniLITE.

However, Eco-glide does venture into accessories like a golf bag attachment, and so on. If you venture into rough terrain often, enough to justify a $2,5000 purchase, then absolutely. It’s worth the investment. Eco-glide even throws in free delivery.

Eco-glide Smart Self Balance Scooter Review Wrap Up

The Eco-glide Smart Self Balance Scooter certainly targets individuals with money; $2,500 is a lot to spend. Its performance—top speed, terrain, steep inclines—and build are absolutely excellent, some of the best we’ve seen. It more than makes up for its abysmal charge time. If you’ve got the money, you won’t be disappointed with this self balancing segway.

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