We have a lot of smart stuff on our wrists, these days. Smart watches, bracelets that tells us when we have texts, and a whole host of other tools. But what about our ears? Could we use a smart earring? At least one person thinks that we could, and they’re trying to make it happen with the Ear-O-Smart. If you love new tech, you’ll also want to read our HeartMath Inner Balance Sensor review.

Ring Ring

We have to admit, this is something of a first; we don’t believe there’s been a smart earring before. The question, though, is what a smart earring actually does. Essentially, the pitch is that it’s an activity tracker that’s slightly less obtrusive than slapping a Fitbit around your wrist. They argue that you wouldn’t wear a Fitbit on a date, which tells us that perhaps they’re not clear on why people wear Fitbits.

But by the same token, it’s a good point; why leave the activity tracking to your wrist? Especially for people who have a lot to do throughout the day or, like yours truly, tend to destroy watches, having an alternative available is useful to say the least.

Ring Around The Ear

earosmart 2

Another nice touch is that it’s adaptable; you can attach any number of covers to the device, even earring cases already on the market. That also addresses one of the key fitness monitor problems; they’re not terribly fashionable or attractive, and being able to swap out various covers will also let you wear it more comfortably when you’re working out. So if you need a fitness tracker, but aren’t enthused about your options, the Ear-O-Smart may just be your speed.