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The DV8 Interchangeable Golf Club Might Finally Get You To Play Golf

DV8 clubs

Golf is a lot of fun to play, provided you’re with people who are just as bad at it as you are. But it’s an expensive hobby to have, not just in time but also in space. Fortunately for the apartment dweller who might enjoy a hole or two at a public green, DV8 has the clubs you need. If you’d like to keep your workout at home, check out our Domyos Interactive punching bag (video) instead.

Full Clubs, Small Space

First, let’s set aside any dreams of being Tiger Woods in his prime, and a club being able to make that happen. Firmly set aside? Good.

DV8 works by fitting the club heads into a bag and having interchangeable shafts. Instead of having to carry an entire bag of long metal objects, you just clip the club head into the shaft, screw the coupler on firmly, and take your swing. They’ve been tested and they perform the same as standard golf clubs.

A Matter Of Course

That means that everything you need to golf will fit in a backpack. Furthermore, it also means that buying your clubs is actually a lot cheaper. Instead of buying the full club, you can buy individual club heads as it suits your needs; most of us really just need about three to five.

Oh, and you won’t have a massive, heavy bag taking up space in your closet, you can bring your clubs with you when you travel or on a bike, and that when you’re walking around the course, you won’t have a massive bag to drag around.


Golf Made Simple

It won’t make your golf game better, but then, no club can do that. It will, however, make golf easier to play and more enjoyable, so it might improve your golf game in the sense that you’ll actually enjoy what you’re doing and not be concerned about lugging clubs. $350 will net you the basic system on Kickstarter.

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