DMI Sports Dartboard Electronic Scoreboard Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Picking up a DMI Sports Dartboard Electronic Scoreboard means you want to enjoy the game of darts without the obligatory holes in your walls. It has a cabinet wrapped around the dartboard after all, making it the best archery target for practicing darts or bringing over a few friends and keeping score on a chalk scoreboard or digitally. In case you want to go hunting, check our best hunting and shooting kits.

Why We Like It – DMI Sports Dartboard Electronic Scoreboard

Built to be functional and hidden, the DMI Sports Dartboard Electronic Scoreboard is fitted with an outer cabinet that hides it when not in use, while providing extra protection against stray darts.

  • High contrast between scoring zones
  • Traditional and electronic scorer
  • Cabinet further prevents holes in the wall
  • So-so build quality
  • Electronic scorer can be a hassle

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What you’ll notice first are the darts; they’re average, at best—but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the game. In fact, the second feature you’ll notice is the contrast between each scoring zone. This is important as it helps brighten each zone, makes them stand out more for better focus and accuracy. If you manage to peg a few, don’t worry about the board. It’s a self-healing bristle dartboard cabinet set! However, darts aren’t for everyone—so maybe you’ll want to pick up archery with the Morrell Double 450FPS Archery Target.


Back to the darts, the plastic tails can break if handled poorly; otherwise will do just fine when taken care of. However, these are steel tip darts, so it’s probably best if kids don’t use these. What’s nice is the board itself is around tournament size at 18 x 1.5-inches. More importantly, the cabinet that it’s housed in adds extra surface area, which protects walls from stray darts. And when you’re done, the doors on each side can close for easy storage, which the bulky Block Classic 22 Archery Target has trouble with, too. The electronic scoreboard can be a pain to use, oftentimes being far less intuitive.


Is the DMI Sports Dartboard Electronic Scoreboard worth picking up for $119? If you consider it on the surface, the DMI Sports Dartboard Electronic Scoreboard has a nice package: a single self-healing bristle dartboard, six darts with replacement tips, two scoreboards, and a design that conceals the game. You can get about 8 people together to play. With all that in mind we can certainly give it the go-ahead. It’s by no means a great dartboard—it’s average—but what it offers is pure fun over stressing to be the best. In other words: a practice board, like the Delta McKenzie Speed bag Archery Target.

DMI Sports Dartboard Electronic Scoreboard Wrap Up

The DMI Sports Dartboard Electronic Scoreboard is, admittedly, average. But there’s plenty available in the cabinet to make up for its lack of uniqueness. It comes with two sets of darts, plenty of play area and protections in place to prevent holes, and a high contrast between zones for better accuracy.