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While not included in the best archery target buying guide, the delta mckenzie crossbow speed bag is an archery target with a high contrasting color palette that is more durable than it looks. Despite looking a little on the thinner side, it can stop arrows that travel as fast as 400 FPS.

Why We Like It – DELTA 70630 Speedbag Crossbow

The DELTA 70630 Speedbag Crossbow bag target has 2 different sized targets that make it accessible for both beginner and intermediate archers, easy arrow removal, has a high stopping power that can stop arrows that were shot from crossbows. It’s also designed to be portable and lightweight.

  • High contrast colors
  • Stops arrows at 400 FPS
  • Durable
  • Targets are too close together
  • Targets only slightly differ in size


This speedbag has a stopping power of 400 FPS, surpassing the stopping power of the Delta Mckenzie Speed Bag Archery Target, which has a stopping power of 300 FPS. Like the Delta McKenzie bag, it also has the easy arrow removal feature. Both bags have fabric that allows them to withstand arrows shot from crossbows. However, the tougher fabric of the Delta 70630 isn’t affected by long exposures to direct sunlight unlike the Delta McKenzie bag.


This simplistic design may be common, but that’s not a bad thing, as it provides decent size targets. Like the field logic block classic 22 archery target, both have targets on 2 sides. However, the delta speedbag has more targets with 10 targets per side, and has a tougher exterior that covers all sides, rather than exposing targetless sides and making them more vulnerable to wear and tear caused by the environment in addition to being punctured by arrows.


While much cheaper than the Morrell Double 450FPS Archery Target, the morrell bag has more advantages that a buyer could want. There are similarities such as how both bags can endure crossbows and have easy arrow removal. However, the differences in specifications such as stopping power, number of usable sides, and the number of different target designs is what can make a difference in what to buy to suit your needs and wants in a target bag.

DELTA 70630 Speedbag Crossbow Wrap Up

This speedbag is featured in 3 different related products pages, with one of the pages being ”Best target for crossbow”. Before thinking about buying this target bag, it’s important to know that while it can have a decent lifespan along with the easy arrow removal feature, it still requires a proper arrow removal technique if you want the bag to last long enough.

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