Coleman Gas Camping Stove Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Have you been looking for a camping stove to use on your next hike or trip? Something that won’t give away to a small wind and is capable enough to cook good food and boil water in a decent amount of time? Well, the Coleman Gas Camping Stove may just be the best piece of outdoor gear for that. It offers two side panels that block the wind with ease and paired with the double burners as well as a good heat production it will make cooking or boiling a whole lot easier. And even though the control valve may not be the easiest to control and you may have to get yourself a separate lighter, considering the price tag you’re getting this at, the Coleman Gas Camping Stove makes for a pretty great deal.

Why We Like It – Coleman Gas Camping Stove

Offering a great cooking experience without much worry of the wind or the weather, the Coleman Gas Camping Stove is one that won’t disappoint you. It comes with side panels that block the wind with great capability and paired with the long lasting fuel usage as well enough space to use two pans thanks to the two burners. And so, paired with the moderately portable build, it makes for a pretty amazing camping stove you must have.

  • Side panels block the wind pretty well
  • Fuel is used efficiently
  • Affordable price tag
  • Control valves aren’t very accurate


Having two 10000 BTUs burners, the Coleman Gas Camping Stoves propane tank is efficiently used to provide you with a good cooking experience whilst fitting in two 10 Inch pans at the same time. And while it may not spread the heat completely evenly, with the hot spot being at the center of the pan like most other camp stoves, you can use it to make scrambled eggs to pancakes with ease. As for it’s capability to cook in windy weathers you’ll be happy to know that the Coleman Stove Classic Propane burner comes with two side panels which will make sure you have the cooking power to cook in almost the same time as without wind. This is seen clearly in the outdoor cooking adjustable wind test done by some reviewers where they tested the Coleman Gas Camping Stove with a box fan a few inches away from it, only to find that the Coleman Gas Camping Stove manages to boil water in just 75 seconds more than it would need without wind.

Moving onto the adjustable burners themselves, the Coleman Classic Propane Stove comes with adjustable valves which however aren’t that accurate and make temperature control difficult. Difficult to adjust in the sense that while the knobs themselves turn smoothly, the flame of the burner stoves do not change proportionally. And as a note from many customers, the Coleman Camp Propane Stove actually has a very high, low setting, meaning that the heat output is more than enough even at the lowest of settings which may as well be a good thing in windy or extreme conditions.

As for when it comes to maintaining this double, rather than single burner camping stove Coleman offers, you’ll be happy to know that the cooking grate is actually removable which provides you with complete access to the dip tray and cooking surface below. You won’t need to maintain much other than keeping the surface clean and replacing the propane fuel or propane gas when needed as like other propane stoves. Thus with that and even despite the fact that you’ll need a separate lighter to ignite it, the Coleman Camping Gas Stove may make for a decent or even pretty good companion for the camp chef no matter whether you’re hiking or car camping.


Measuring to be 4.1 x 21.9 x 13.7 Inches and weighing about 12 pounds the Coleman Gas Camping Stove makes for a moderately easy to carry stove. While it won’t be the same as carrying a stove with one burner, the Camping Stove Classic Propane Stove can be moved with ease thanks to the carrying case provided.

Apart from that, with no markers for the valves it may be a bit difficult to adjust the heat, but with the adjustable wind blockers like the Coleman Triton, the Coleman Gas Camping Stove will make sure boiling water and cooking remains easy even in windy conditions. The aluminized steel of the cooktop and the chrome plated grate all hold up pretty nicely over your time of use but do know that there are reports of damage during delivery so make sure to get a proper exchange model if that happens.


Priced at about $60 the Coleman Gas Camping Stove falls within the more affordable of camping stoves out there. And it’s price does show in the design, mainly the fact that the parts aren’t all that premium and the valves themselves don’t provide proportional temperature control nor any markings for temperature indications. But even so, considering the adjustable wind blockers, a good enough temperature for cooking as well as the efficient usage of the propane fuel, it is indeed one of the best camping stoves you can get at this price range. You can also get the Marchway Floating Waterproof Dry Bag as well as the Ecotek Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad at a similar price range for camping.

Coleman Gas Camping Stove Wrap Up

Providing you with enough space to fit in two pans of 10 Inches at the most, easy control and maintenance as well as the efficient use of the fuel it needs, the Coleman Gas Camping Stove will live upto it’s price. While you won’t get the premium material, feel or the valve markings for that matter, if you’re someone who simply needs to be able to cook food and boil water on your camping trip that too somewhere windy, then the Coleman Gas Camping Stove is probably the best you can get at such an affordable price range. Speaking of affordable price tags, the Intex Excursion Pro Kayak is one you’ll want to get your hands on if you’re into kayaking.

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