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Updated June 27, 2022
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With all the talk going on about keeping our environment safe and cutting down less trees, it’s time you played your part by reducing the amount of toilet paper you use. All you have to do is fix the Clear Rear bidet right under your toilet seat and you’ll be good to go. Having cold water sprayed on your bum may take some time to get used to, but once you come around, you’ll probably never poop on any other toilet if it’s not the one you have at home. The Clear Rear bidet toilet attachment won’t really need a plumber to fix onto your toilet. It’s easy enough to DIY as long as you know which materials to use. For another toilet upgrade, check out our multi layered toilet seat (one for each person) review too. Is that all it takes to be the best bidet toilet seat attachment? Of course not. Read on to find out what else the Clear Rear bidet has to offer. For the rest of your grooming needs, you should also read our review of the TiTweezers (are the strong, long lasting, hypoallergenic tweezers you’ve always wanted).

Clear Rear
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Why We Like It – Clear Rear Reviews

Once you get used to it, you’ll never want to use a toilet without the Clear Rear bidet again. It’s control knobs let you adjust to the right amount of water pressure that you need, and also aim it’s nozzle at the right spot for your complete comfort. For another high tech bathroom essential, take a look at the Triton body dryer too.

  • DIY easy installation
  • Self cleaning nozzle
  • No electricity needed
  • Takes getting used to


Let’s be honest. Most people only get to use a bidet when they’re traveling and have booked their stay at some fancy hotel. You can bring the experience back home with the Clear Rear bidet toilet seat attachment, and get the installation done in just a few minutes. If you’re not sure about how it works though, here’s the breakdown: The Clear Rear bidet attachment relies on your existing water line for both its water supply and pressure. It comes with 2 knobs that let you control the direction that you want the nozzle to face, and the amount of pressure that the water should squirt with. Its self cleaning nozzle also keeps things hygienic so you shouldn’t have to worry about washing it yourself.


Most of these bidet attachments come in pretty much the same design. The more expensive ones (like the premium range from Luxe bidet) come with nice features like water temperature control (for warm water), and even dual nozzles. Nonetheless, this model from Clear Rear is good enough to clean you up well, and it’s made of good quality plastic – not the type that’s very brittle. What you might have to do however is to make sure you get some toilet seat bumpers so that your seat is raised high enough for the bidet attachment to sit well under your toilet seat, and some long screws to install it. Otherwise, there’s nothing more to it.


A lot of people tend to associate bidets with women. While they tend to use it more often, this doesn’t mean that men should stay out of the picture. Bidets are okay even for guys to use because it helps cut down on toilet paper use, and it’s way better than having to get up, bend and do your business over and over. This is not to say that you won’t use toilet paper at all, but you’ll just be using a lot less of it.

Clear Rear Reviews Wrap Up

If you’re curious about what first timers thought once they started using the Clear Rear bidet, then feel free to check out the customer reviews on or even on Amazon. It’s not ranked as one of the best bidet toilet seat attachments for nothing.

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