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Are you searching the market for the Best Cool Wallets? Have you looked at the Best Money Clip? Maybe the CL Carbonlife Carbon Fiber Money Clip will usher you into the life of a minimalist. It’s made of nice, aesthetically pleasing carbon fiber material. And it has a magnetic closure for protection.

Why We Like It – CL Carbonlife Carbon Fiber

The CL Carbonlife Carbon Fiber Wallet Money Clip is a rather feature-rich alternative to the unwieldy wallet of today, such as a magnetic closure, carbon fiber-made, and can handle up to 10 cards. For women who want a mini bi-fold wallet to store cards, cash, and other items, check out the Cluci wallet for women.

  • Comes in multiple sizes & finishes
  • Nice, carbon aesthetic
  • Magnetic closure
  • Less effective w/ too few items


While I personally like the leather look of the VIOSI Money Clip Leather Wallet, the Credit Card Holder CL Carbonlife Clips are rather stylish in a simple way. It doesn’t just look like carbon fiber, it’s also textured like carbon fiber. Furthermore, you can pick from five different finishes. On a different note, a wallet with a different look that is ideal for globetrotters, drifters, and hippies is described in the Chums surfshorts wallet review.


And who would have thought? It actually is real carbon fiber! To be frank, it isn’t as durable as, say, stainless steel, and it has that plastic feel carbon fiber typically has—but it will take quite a bit of damage before you need to worry about it breaking.


The CL Carbonlife Money Clip is comparable to the Serman Brands Carbon Fiber Money Clip. Both can handle up to 10 business cards, credit cards, and over a dozen bills, or a combination of the two. However, its performance does suffer if you have too few, like three or four bills, or less than two or three cards. On the bright side, it has magnetic strips to protect your personal identification.

Size & Versatility

There are multiple sizes you can get your hands on, adding a small amount of choice that’s welcomed, wholeheartedly. The biggest measures 71mm x 38mm; the smallest is 71mm x 22mm. However, it isn’t versatile since it only handles cards and money, but the Victorinox Swiss Army Money Clip is exactly how it sounds.


It’s rather surprising to note how much you get from the CL Carbonlife Carbon Fiber clip—especially when you consider its $10 price tag. It doesn’t just function well, it also looks fashionable. It’s simply designed, yet feature-rich for such a basic tool. If you pick one of these up, it pays for itself immediately.

CL Carbonlife Carbon Fiber Wrap Up

The CL Carbonlife Carbon Fiber Clip could have stopped at holding money and cards, but when several steps further. Functionality is on point, holding up to 10 cards or a combination, along with a magnetic closure for protection. It also looks great with its nice, carbon material and textured aesthetic.