Blunt Metro Umbrella Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you travel often, having an umbrella that can protect you from a wide range of weather is going to be ideal. After all, when you’re visiting new places all the time, the weather is going to change drastically from location to location. Blunt provides some of the best umbrellas for the job, in particular the Blunt Metro, which can handle 55mph winds. And that’s just to start.

Why We Like It – Blunt Metro Umbrella

The Blunt Metro Umbrella is built for traveling, thanks to its UV protection, rip-resistant canopy, and the ability to keep 55mph winds at bay without turning inside out—while looking good, too. Or if you want something more sturdy that comes in a vaariety of colors, check out the Vedouci Compact Umbrella Automatic umbrellas.

  • Can withstand 55mph winds
  • UV protection
  • Canopy fabric is rip resistant
  • Expensive
  • Only one size


The Blunt Metro Umbrella combines style and performance beautifully. Underneath its six-point design is strength that can withstand 55mph winds without buckling under the pressure. The fabric itself is pongee, which is fitted over 6 tough fiberglass ribs. The pongee fabric is also quick to dry, while also being rip-resistant. It has to take several years of damage to break the Blunt Metro Umbrella. Aside from standing its ground against wind, the umbrella also has UV protection, something the Repel Windproof Umbrella—number one on our list—doesn’t have.


The Blunt XS Metro Travel Umbrella is fitted with a 37-inch canopy, and it’s a one size fits all. With a 37-inch canopy, there’s enough space to fit yourself and possibly a second person, depending on the combined size. All six of its “points” are blunted at the end so you aren’t hurting anyone. If you’re sold on Blunt umbrellas, but the canopy size isn’t large enough for your liking, consider the Blunt Classic. Better yet, the EEZ-Y Windproof Travel Umbrella is a viable alternative.


“We haven’t doubted the performance of the Blunt Metro Umbrella; it did what its inventor set out to accomplish. However, there are better options if performance is a concern more than appearance. For example, the Repel Windproof Umbrella is best all around, while the Sharpty Inverted Umbrella trades a bit of performance for UV protection.

If you’re willing to pay $59 for the Blunt Metro Umbrella, you’re still getting both a functional compact umbrella and one that is stylish. And having a rip-resistant canopy is always nice.

Blunt Metro Umbrella Wrap Up

Given the one-size fits all design of the Blunt Metro Umbrella, it still performed as well as the top umbrellas on our list. Its pricing is on the expensive side, but not by much. In return you’ll get an umbrella that was designed for traveling: UV protection, rip-resistant canopy, and standing against 55mph winds.

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